For those of you who understand SEO, of course you also know that Google has an assessment of the latest content. Up-to-date content is an important factor influencing ratings.

The logic is that the more and often you update your site, the more often Googlebot will visit your site. Then it will give you a chance to achieve a better rating.

While you can update your site in different ways (by not means different types of content) writing and posting new articles on a blog is the simplest way to produce fresh content. So, there are some questions that really need to be answered:

Why do you have to keep writing blog content? Why a blog? Should you stop? Are there other ways to do marketing, get traffic and grow conversions? More precisely, how much impact does blogging have on SEO?

251 Days No Blog Update

Robert Ryan, a WordPress Developer / Social Media Manager / SEO Expert, conducted a simple experiment. In 2015, he didn’t update the blog for 251 days. And here are some of the things he found:

  • Overall website traffic seems to have decreased significantly, falling by 32%
  • Organic traffic fell by 42%
  • Traffic on contact
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