Improve Sales Performance, Best Photo Tricks for Your Products

The easier it is for the internet to help us carry out our daily activities, from ordering food to transportation and even helping in doing business.

Now it’s easier to introduce what Fimela’s friends sell, you can use Instagram or e-commerce. However, there are a number of things to consider when selling your products online, such as product photos that can attract buyers’ attention.

Show the best side of the product

When shopping online, have you ever wished you could flip a product image to see another side of the product?

Taking the customer’s point of view, think about which side of the product they are most interested in. Providing product photos from various sides, especially for feshion items in a catalog is very important to ensure customers or potential buyers fully understand the advantages of the products you offer. Apart from all sides (front, side and back), close-up photos are also required to show the details of the existing fabrics, materials and stitch patterns.

Good lighting produces good images

Good lighting conditions enhance the overall shooting atmosphere and place the product in the spotlight allowing customers to have a clear idea of how the product looks in real life. …

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Pay attention to these trends when creating promotional content for businesses on social media

In the midst of the new normal, business owners are constantly trying to come up with new and innovative ways to engage their customers via social media as physical interactions are very limited in the current situation. Two of the most popular social media platforms in this decade, Facebook and Instagram have proven themselves to be effective channels to win over subscribers, especially if content is promoted through the ds advertising features on the platforms.

WeAreSocial and GlobalWebIndex also report that 34 percent of Internet users aged 16-64 in Indonesia say they can be exposed to brands from advertising on social media, while another 32 percent claim that recommendations or comments on social media also encourage their desire to know more about the brand. or a particular business.

Start Creating Shoppable Content

Have you ever come across a post that shows the price of a product once it is clicked? If so, then you know what Shoppable Post is. Purchasable posts let customers know prices (and discounts) without being redirected to another site or catalog. This Instagram feature is very popular with businesses and brands because it can increase audience purchase intentions and facilitate the transaction process.

“Although interesting, this …

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Heartwarming Gifts For Your Dear Ones on Different Occasions

Occasions and festivities become happier and memorable because of your gift-giving gesture. Your gifts bring the utmost joy to the heart of the recipient. Because of your gifts, the recipient is always reminded of the good old times over and over again. Therefore, meaningful gifts go a long way in making a lasting impression. Here are heartwarming ideas of gifts that you can extend to your dear and near ones on different occasions. Most of the listed tokens are readily available online. In case you want to send gifts in India, you can with the help of online gifting portals. Do make a note of the gifts mentioned below and keep shopping as and when an occasion arises.

  1. Choc-Flower Bouquet: A duet of chocolate and flowers to tempt the six senses. Customise the bouquet with the recipient’s favourite flowers and chocolates. Also, add to it a message card. You can give this to anyone on birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, etc. While the chocolates will be relished within minutes, the flowers can be used as a decor piece and message card as a keepsake token.
  2. PhotoFrame: A photo frame is an old gift that many swears by. To date, it
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Business Ideas That Can Be Executed when New Normal

With the pandemic, the country’s economy has declined, and it has a very strong impact on society. But there is no need to worry, there are a number of business ideas that can be implemented during the new normal, so that the economy does not decline.

New normal is a new life, created by the government in the midst of a pandemic, by adhering to existing health protocols. Here are some business ideas that can be pursued during the new normal era.

Medical Device Business

In the new normal era, the government requires everyone to wear a mask when traveling, and diligently clean their hands. If you have sufficient capital, Sahabat Fimela can become a distributor and open a business in the health sector.

For example, selling cloth masks, hand sanitizers, hand washing soap and dry and wet wipes. But if you don’t have enough capital, you can do this business idea by becoming a second-hand seller of health shops, or what is usually called an online store reseller.

Selling these health goods, can be sold in general without a doctor’s prescription, because many people are in need of these items.

Online Services

A business idea that can be done …

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How to Fight Anxiety in the Music Industry

The music industry can be a great place to work in. It allows creativity to flow as musicians and artists such as lyricists and video producers come together to create a track or album that could change the world. And it is because of this creativity and hopes of becoming a renowned artist who touches the hearts of many that causes us to dream big and wish to become a music sensation.

Royalty-free image

However, like all industry types and jobs, there can be a lot of anxiety associated with the pressures of making it big and becoming a star. Whether you are expected to release a debut album that changes the musical world or people are waiting for you to record a follow up album that is as successful as your last, anxiety can mount, and you may feel the pressure to over excel most of the time.

How can you fight anxiety in a way that will continue to aid you and your music career? Here are a few amazing tips on how you can reduce your anxiety and allow you to continue being the best at what you do.

Be Transparent

Don’t try to hide your anxiety. …

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What are the Types of Insurance Covers Professionals in the Construction Industry Should Have?

Different factors lead to the type of construction insurance coverage adopted for a business or project. There are different opinions about the types of insurance that should be covered by construction industries in

What further propels the type of insurance covered is the relationship between the property owners, contractors/subcontractors, the type of property to be covered, and the constructors.

The risks incurred by working in the construction industry have facilitated the need for different types of insurance. Large machinery, workers, etc. need to get jobs done and reduce damages and long-term injuries. Risks in construction companies can be mitigated by different insurance provisions, and some are explained below.

Inland Marine Insurance:

It was employed during the periods of transporting goods through ships. The insurance applied to properties on board. Now, it includes properties such as contractor equipment, riggers liability, installation floaters, etc. It also extends to mobile equipment, digital information, and other essential tools. The policies either replace items that are stolen, damaged in a fire disaster or natural disaster, tools damaged on transit to the construction site, and others.

General Liability Insurance:

Many businesses need this. It guarantees protection from a variety of liabilities …

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Raising Capital for your Business

Do you want to increase the capital of your business? Would you like to grow your business? Millions of business owners have also searched and investigated this same process as you. The good news is that there are sound ways you can raise capital for your business.

No matter how many people have sought the same solutions as you, it is still an intimidating and daunting prospect. Many seek the services of an expert to guide them along this path. There are many ways to raise capital, and knowing which one to follow is a challenge for many. Reading the financing options that real-world people have taken to raise capital for their companies, the best methods, and the companies they used to do so will help you make the best informed decision possible. These reviews, ratings, opinions, and experiences shared by actual customers on platforms such as Reviews Bird provide invaluable insight.

1) Your Investment:

The most common sources of capital come from business owners’ own back pockets. Those businesses and industries that don’t require large injections of capital can sometimes be self-funded. For this, you can open a business bank account and apply for a low-interest business credit …

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Benefits of Promoting Business Through Video Sharing Platforms

There are many ways to promote business through social media. One of them is TikTok, the main destination for short-duration mobile videos that introduce TikTok for Business. This new global platform aims to help brands tell their stories in more creative and engaging ways. With this new platform, brands and marketers in Indonesia can creatively connect with the larger community around them and be discovered by users through TikTok.

Brands have been an important part of TikTok for a long time, whether they are being trendsetting, connecting communities, or providing awareness of important public service initiatives. Businesses also create authentic audiences that are shaped to share happiness. With TikTok for Business, brands are given the tools to discover and connect with the wider community around them.

They will find it easier to take advantage of the unique opportunities that can only be found through TikTok, interacting with users. Here are five benefits that can be obtained for business.

Scale and creativity

TikTok is a growing platform for marketers to use as a must-have destination. TikTok is an entertainment-based platform, offering tools for users and brands to tell their stories.

Appearance, Movement, and Voice

With TikTok, the industry can build a …

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