A Success Story of a Woman Developing a Startup Business at a Young Age

Until now, the number of women entrepreneurs is classified as less than men entrepreneurs. One of the causes lies in the limited access to capital.

According to research by Crunchbase (2019), of the total startup funding, only less than 3% were successfully raised by female Co-Founders. Even so, several women entrepreneurs in Indonesia are able to show their ‘fangs’ in advancing startups.

One of the most successful women in the industry, Travelio’s Co-Founder & COO, Christie Tjong, 32, was able to raise US $ 18 million in Series-B funding last November. Funding was led by Temasek Holding through Pavilion Capital and was carried out right before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Then how did he develop a startup at a young age? According to Christie, one of the characteristics of startups, especially those in their early stages, is the lack of corporate infrastructure. This forces founders to perform several roles at once and concurrently is the equivalent of five people.

As COO, Christie not only had to identify the components of the “engine” one by one, but also had to make sure everything was running smoothly. He told of how heavy the responsibility he was given after successfully raising funds, because he …

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Since humanity has shifted its shopping style to online, it feels like the experience should have come earlier. Online shopping is like an adrenaline rush in the body, which is much needed. The best part is that you don’t need to own a physical store, nor are you required to be all dressed up sitting at the shop. But it is equally important to know before making an online store whether the style and format are working or not. You may get some ideas to form US-Reviews. The site is collecting reviews regarding all the online shopping sites in the US.

According to the telecom services reviews, a good shopping site should have the following features it:

Web design that speaks for itself

If you have decided to break into the online market, then why not with a bang? Go with the best and indulging web design you can offer. Get the best experts at the job and create a website that can speak to the customers and looks appealing enough to make them buy.

A good About the US

About us remains an unknown page on a website, but new people will visit the about us page …

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How to calm yourself down when you have problems with your business

No matter how much we try to strategize and make things go the way we wish, there are often some down times that everything seems to be going the opposite direction of what we wished. When this period comes up, it can be very difficult trying to stay calm. We would get panicky and make a lot of mistakes. To avoid this, it is important to be able to calm ourselves down when we have problems with our business. Some of the ways to calm yourself down when you have a problem with your business are discussed below.

Remind yourself that worrying won’t solve any problem

The first thing you should do when your business has a problem and you are starting to worry is to remind yourself that worrying will not solve the problem. In most cases, worrying will only worsen the case as you might take hurried wrong actions and decisions that might cost you more. Worrying could also harm your health, thereby making things much worse than they should be. Knowing that worrying won’t solve the problem and that it could compound matters might help you to calm down a bit to be able to think

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Easy Ways to Promote Your Business in the New Normal Era

Lots of people choose to sell and start businesses, to increase their income in the midst of this pandemic. Various household needs, food, to the need for personal protective equipment are widely offered in this new normal era.

With the pandemic in this new normal era, many people still choose to stay at home. So it is not surprising that online businesses have great potential for growth.

However, many people are still learning how to easily market their business in this new normal era. With the right tips, your business will run smoothly and be in demand. So in this article, I will discuss how to easily market a business in the new normal era,

Make a Direct Offer

An easy way to market a business in the first new normal era is by offering products directly so that products are better known. You can offer products to the environment, such as neighbors, friends or office mates.

Bring the tester when meeting with the local environment to introduce the product, so they can try the product directly and then buy the product. In addition, ask the environment around you to follow your business social media accounts. These cata help them …

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Success in Running a Business by Digging Knowledge from Experts

Before running a business, of course, you are looking for a lot of prior knowledge. One of the places is to ask the experts and make them as mentors. Mentors can guide us to success, and provide us with many benefits. Then how do I get it?

Here are tips for getting the right mentor to run your business,

Don’t hesitate to approach potential mentors

A mentor doesn’t have to be someone older than us, or a well-known, successful CEO. The real mentor can also be a colleague, friend, boss, or family member, if according to our needs, we are interested in learning more from him, and we believe they can help grow our business.

Don’t hesitate to approach potential mentors to make the mentor-mentee relationship more formal. Maybe you can start from the closest people, such as a former boss. If they have the same intention, we can ask them if they are interested in becoming a mentor. If you are willing, then build a good relationship with the mentor.

In the era of social media, it is increasingly easier to communicate like today, we can even meet and greet prospective mentors via Instagram or LinkedIn messages. You can …

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