Tips for Expanding Online Food Ingredients Business During Covid-19

It is undeniable that the corona virus pandemic has driven a spike in the trend of online food shopping. Previously, the trend of online shopping among the people was mostly limited to clothes and gadgets, but now the demand has expanded to fulfill their daily needs.

The public, have been actively buying food and groceries online since the pandemic to avoid the risk of physical contact and timely delivery at their doorstep.

Attract New Customers and Retain Existing Customers with Promos

If your business sells food and drinks online, don’t forget to occasionally provide attractive promotions to lure your loyal customers to visit your online store.

Understand the Location of the Target Market

If you want to open an online food or beverage business, you can concentrate on big cities first. Once your business gets a good response, you can consider expanding into other areas.

Quality Assurance and Quality Helps Business

You don’t want to lose your customer’s trust by selling low-quality items online, especially daily necessities, where customers expect the best quality for their household and often don’t check the product before buying.

Adjust Business Offerings with Consumer Needs

Consumers’ health awareness influences their behavior in choosing foodstuff products. …

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Important Role of Project Management Plan for the Company

In general, a project management plan (project management) contains an explanation of how the plans and decisions of a project will be carried out. In simple terms, the contents of project management are 4W (Why, What, Who, When) and 1H (How). A project management plan (PMP) is considered a living document, which means that if there are changes to the project plan while the project is running, the project management must also be updated or changed. So, why is PMP considered important for companies?

Project management should be viewed as a tool that helps companies to carry out their designated projects effectively and efficiently. But of course using this tool does not automatically guarantee project success. This project management can be a very important and powerful tool in the hands of a company that understands its use and has the competence to implement it.

Project Management Plan Making Process

Usually a project management plan is made by a project manager, then it will be signed by key stakeholders, and become the basis for a project plan. If there is a change, then formally the change will enter into change control and will be used as a comparison between the actual …

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Often considered the same, it turns out that this is what distinguishes income from income

Finance has indeed become one of the fields of work that requires the accuracy and tenacity of its workers. In addition, when dealing in the financial world, the perpetrators are also obliged to know the meaning of financial terms that are often used accurately.

Even so, there are some financial terms that are still often misinterpreted by, not only ordinary people, but also workers in the field. An example is the meaning of the words revenue and income. It is undeniable that the two terms often appear and are used by business people, including investors.

However, it is not uncommon for the terms revenue and income to be used inappropriately. This of course can cause confusion among the business actors concerned. In fact, when presented incorrectly, it is not impossible that the two terms can cause financial losses or errors in the delivery of financial statements.

The large number of people who equate the meanings of the two terms rarely cause fatal problems. However, something that is not quite right, of course, must be straightened out so that it does not continue to be done. For that, for those who are still confused, this is the explanation.

Definition of Revenue

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tips for working remotely for managers and business leaders

The severe impact caused by COVID-19 has suddenly changed the way we spend time in our daily lives. The way we all work is used to changing rapidly from day to day. Many companies employ social distancing measures to keep their employees safe and work from home if their jobs allow. The COVID-19 pandemic means that more employees than ever before are working remotely, which is “making great efforts to reduce human congestion and ensure teams that are on site can do their jobs safely and with peace of mind”, said Tim Cook. , CEO of Apple Inc.

As business leaders are accustomed to an office culture where they can demonstrate skilled leadership and inspire their employees with motivational feedback, they must change the way they lead & manage. However, they still have some concerns:

  • Is there any way to make sure the project moves forward?
  • How do you know if employees are fulfilling their responsibilities?
  • How do you get 2-way communication that suits your team members?

Remote work has been popular with software companies that have a mobile workforce. But at these crucial moments of the COVID-19 outbreak, even if you are in a manufacturing or retail company, considering …

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Tips to Avoid Cyber Crime Threats

Not a single company wants to suffer losses, let alone the cause because of the threat of cyber crime that is currently rife. In order for the company to run well without any disturbing obstacles, of course there must be efforts that must be made to protect the company.

The following are some easy tips to avoid the threat of cyber crime that has summarized from various sources, including:

Protect Device Appropriately

Protecting the device is the first fundamental way any company needs to do. This protection can use technology that is effective in warding off cyber threats, such as antivirus, anti-spyware, firewall and anti-ransomware. This application can be found at internet security service providers.

In addition, companies are also important to pay attention to the software used. Make sure the company uses official or legal software because it can protect the device well. This is clearly different from pirated software that is automatically illegal which is unable to protect the device.

Periodic System Updates

Every application or software developer will certainly upgrade to fix bugs or design flaws in the software from the previous system. In addition, it can also add security systems to quality.

For this reason, …

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Cyber Crime Threats That Make Companies Losses

It is not uncommon now that many cyber crime threats have emerged. Cyber individuals will usually attack companies that are still categorized as medium to reap large profits. The reason is that medium-sized companies are likely to have weak cybersecurity defenses.

As many as 73% of the 500 companies surveyed also suffered losses due to the cyber attack. This can be seen in the report that the loss could reach 25% of his income.

Worse, cyberattacks by rogue individuals today are more than one type of threat. Then what are the forms of cyber threats that have caused many companies to suffer significant losses? The following are the reviews that need to be listened to carefully, including:

Forms of Cyber Crime Threats :


Companies will get attacks from cyber individuals by shutting down business systems or making businesses offline or not running. In this case, cybercriminals will attack the installed software.

Then, cybercriminals will ask for a number of ransom money before the “ransomeware” is removed. If the company does not grant its request, cybercriminals will again threaten in the form of making data corrupt and unusable.

Data Theft

Cyber individuals can steal consumer or customer data from every …

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Why Online Education is the Future of Learning

Undoubtedly the method of learning has gradually transcended what it used to be decades ago. Some can even state the style of education changed significantly within the last five years. Learning today doesn’t require as much physical presence as it did years ago.

The concept behind virtual learning wholly changed how the world viewed education, especially during the global lockdown. It is safe to state that virtual education is here to stay, and it is the future of learning. For those in doubt, this post will highlight some reasons why online education is the future.

Since the taste of the online education method, many have stuck with it. Of course, online education seems sceptical, but one would see the many advantages attached to its implementation if thought through.

It is Flexible

Online education (or e-learning) provides students and teachers with a flexible learning and teaching schedule. Students can set their online education to fit their availability while working long-hour jobs, making them not miss any lecture.

Online schools like Shaw Academy have several courses that can fit students’ learning pace and time. We encourage you to read Shaw Academy courses review to know which programs you can engage in to …

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