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5 Things to Consider Before Buying Refurbished iPhones Wholesale

By pauline Jul 27, 2022

Buying iPhones Wholesale

Buying refurbished iPhones wholesale from an unrecognized seller is as risky as it is beneficial when you buy from a trusted iPhones wholesaler. 

 The demand for used iPhones has surged to new heights in recent years. Refurbished and used devices continue to trend as the most cost-effective options for buyers. And this result has created great business opportunities for retailers.

 If you are into the retail business of selling used mobile devices, adding refurbished iPhones to your stock is a profitable option.

While the buyers buying refurbished iPhones rather than a new one save anywhere around $200-$350 (varies with the iPhones model), it is a great deal for retailers too. Refurbished iPhones sellers can expect to get a profit percentage of around 30-40%, which is pretty good in the industry.

But these figures for retailers turn into reality only when they buy iPhones wholesale from a reputed refurbished iPhones distributor.

 Let’s discuss the top 10 things that you must look for before buying refurbished iPhones wholesale. 

1. Proof of Ownership or Purchase

 The first thing to check is the proof of ownership. Ask the dealer to provide you with proof of the original purchase of the phone that mentions the serial number of the iPhones. With this, you can learn about the device’s previous owner and warranty status. Once you receive the proof, match the details mentioned on it with the device.

Buying stolen or lost iPhones always brings you a lot of problems. Hence consider buying from an iPhones wholesale supplier that provides proof of ownership.

2. Cross Check with the IMEI

Find the IMEI number of the iPhones from the settings. Go to Settings > General > About. Match the IMEI number with the one mentioned in the bill the dealer produced for you. Alternatively, you can dial *#06#. It will get you the IMEI number of the iPhones.

3. Check for the Authenticity of Parts

Before buying iPhones wholesale from a distributor, you must question whether the device has undergone any repair. If yes, ask if the repair has been performed at any authorized repair centers or not.

It is a very common occurrence to find refurbished or used iPhones being repaired by using parts that are not genuine. You might be thinking about how to find out if you are buying iPhones wholesale online from a distributor. 

The answer is that a trusted iPhones wholesaler will always provide a warranty on the devices. Plus, you can always ask the dealer questions about the parts’ authenticity.

4. Touch Test  

Check the iPhones for their touch by testing every physical button. Be careful why you are doing it, and notice how the iPhones respond with every key command. Also, check the screen for general hand gestures and moves like sliding up and down. For iPhones with face lock features, test it from different angles and see if it works.

5. Check the Speakers

Water-damaged speakers are easy to identify with only a couple of tests. Dial a number from the iPhones and put it on the speaker to see if there is any disturbing sound. Faulty speakers usually create a static sound.

Play a video or any music on the device and adjust the volume during the test. It will also help you discover if there will be any problems with the speakers. In case you are looking to buy iPhones wholesale online from a distributor, look for these factors.

  • Replacement Option

Buying iPhones wholesale online can be a tough call, but not when you see the dealer offering a replacement service. Reputed iPhones wholesalers can offer an instance device replacement service if any of the device malfunctions.

  • Warranty

 Take this as one true sign of legitimate iPhones wholesalers. If a dealer provides a warranty on its devices, you can make a safe purchase and deliver a better customer experience by offering your clients a commitment to quality.

iPhones Wholesale Suppliers

Choosing to sell refurbished iPhones is a good decision but requires you to stay aware of how to identify trusted iPhones wholesalers and check the authenticity of the devices.

Don’t forget to consider these factors before buying iPhones wholesale.

By pauline

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