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A Fossil Repair of Asphalt

By pauline Mar 1, 2023

Roads and streets, as a general rule, are perceived as transport arteries and routes. And their damage can cause significant problems.


There are multiple causes of asphalt destruction. The need for pit repair of asphalt occurs in the case of its partial destruction. The reasons can be very different:

– intensive or long-term roadway operation;

– a mismatch of loads and coating composition;

– mechanical damage;

– layers made by utilities during the repair of underground communications;

– roots of near-growing trees;

– Regular fall of PMM on asphalt.


Therefore, it is important to contact the asphalt repair contractor in time to resolve the problem without huge investments. Nowadays, effective asphalt paving repairs are conducted with modern machines in the shortest time. For example, the seam ripper is designed for removing the coating as well as for cutting seams. In order to reduce the use of manual labor as much as possible, and in many cases, entire automated systems are used. Also, machines for removing asphalt are widely used for road repair, which helps to perform milling and cutting of unusable pavement with the help of a diamond disc.


The fragility of asphalt can be caused by violations in the technology of its production (insufficient bitumen content) or violations in the technology of its laying (insufficient compaction, work with cooled asphalt concrete mixture, poor-quality base). Regardless of the specific reasons that lead to the pit repair of an asphalt concrete surface, it is as necessary to do it as it is to consult a dentist when caries appear: if you lose it in a small way, you can lose it in a big way.


The pit repair technology is not very “sophisticated.” In any case, it is necessary to start with the marking of the damaged areas, for which a pit repair map is drawn out, taking into rectangles all the areas of the canvas to be replaced. Excavation of damaged areas of asphalt is carried out to a depth of 5-15 cm (depending on the dimensions of the hole, crack, etc.): the contour is cut with a joint cutter, and the middle is dismantled with the help of jackhammers. In cases where asphalt replacement needs to be done on a large area, and it is difficult to do it manually, special equipment is used.


Asphalt repair contractor also checks the quality of the base under the distant fragments of asphalt: perhaps, this is precisely why the need for repair arose. It’s one thing if the “root of evil” is in a thin or poorly compacted base – then it will be enough to sprinkle rubble and carefully compact it. Another case is when there is simply no foundation under the asphalt. Here you will have to work more carefully, performing a full-fledged crushed stone foundation according to all the rules.


In cases where the thickness of the asphalt is more than 6-7 cm, laying is carried out in 2 layers. One layer of asphalt – according to general practice – should be 4-6 cm. Asphalt is poured, leveled (planed), then rolled (compacted). At this stage, the professionalism of asphalt pavers is very important. It is necessary to correctly calculate the amount of uncompacted asphalt concrete mixture so that after its compaction, the level of the restored surface coincides with the level of the adjacent areas.

By pauline

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