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Creative Business Ideas You Can Run In 2020

By pauline Sep 1, 2020 #Business #Influencer #Website

There are many kinds of creative business ideas. Besides not requiring too much capital, the benefits of the creative business that you get are also quite large. But unfortunately not everyone knows what kind of business it is.

Therefore, in the following article we will explain some good creative business ideas. If done seriously, it is not impossible that daily income can reach millions of rupiah per day. Here are some types of creative businesses to choose from:

1. Selling Products Online

If you sell products online the profit is greater than offline. Because more customers even from abroad. In addition, the capital required is not too much. Because there is no need to set up a shop or kiosk that requires exorbitant fees.

2. Souvenir business

Souvenirs are unique items that are characteristic of an area. Usually these art items are sold at tourist attractions in the area. So you can run a business by making souvenirs. When finished, just leave it at the gift shop that is usually available in each area.

3. Become a Site Article Writer

Becoming a website article writer is also a great creative venture idea. Even this business can be done without capital because all it takes is writing skills. Even so, the benefits generated were enormous.

4. Become a Youtuber

To become you tuber you don’t need to build a shop and own a product. Because what is done is enough to make a quality video and upload it on You Tube. This business looks like it will boom in the future. Moreover, the perpetrator knows no age. Even small children have become professional YouTubers.

5. Become a photographer

A photographer is someone who is engaged in photography activities. One of the requirements to be this figure is to be creative when taking a photo point of view. So being a photographer can also bring in money. Especially if you are good at taking exotic and intimate pre-wedding photos.

6. Opening a Design Business

The next business is to open a design business. You can choose an invitation design, institution logo, banner or the like. For this, only the ability to operate Adobe Photoshop is required.

7. Website Development Services

If you have the ability to create a website, you can open a service for bloggers. The only way is to create a site for them. Later you will get paid big.

8. Translation Services

Opening a translation service is a great business opportunity. Also includes creative business ideas whose income is sizable. Because running a business requires qualified foreign language skills.

9. Business Travel Guide

If you have the ability to speak foreign languages, a qualified guide business can be a field of money. Usually this effort is needed by the tour provider. You can just apply there to become a tour guide.

10.Laundry business

The next creative business idea is the laundry business. The laundry business is starting to flourish by the community. Because the business does not require large capital and can be run at home. You just have to be creative in managing your business by opening a laundry pick-up service.

It would be very good if you start this business in an environment that is mostly students or office workers. This is because their time to wash clothes is very limited.

11. Become an Influencer

This business can be run by those of you who have quite a lot of social media followers. It’s quite an easy job to promote a product to these people. Later the product owner will pay according to the agreement.

By pauline

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