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Need Additional Business Capital But Don’t Want Debt? Use this method

By pauline Jan 16, 2021 #Business #investors

When in need of additional capital for business, many people choose the way to apply for a loan from the bank. Apart from being fast, the ceiling given by the bank is quite large.

But you know, borrowing means debt. You have an obligation to pay the installments every month until it is paid off. Not only the principal installments, including the interest.

If you are late, you could be fined. Likewise, if you are in arrears, even defaults occur or you are unable to pay debt. Get ready, be chased by debt collectors and the bank will confiscate valuables.

Borrowing from a bank is indeed the most effective solution for those of you who are in need of large amounts of money. But actually there are ways you can get fresh funds for additional business capital without needing to borrow money from the bank. What are they? Here’s how:

Sell unused items

Used or unused items often make you dizzy. Apart from having to be cleaned and tidied up, these used items also take up a lot of space in the house, such as in the bedroom, family room, warehouse, and other rooms. Hassle right?

If you still use these items, it doesn’t matter. The problem is when they are no longer used, and these items just become useless piles. Even though it could be that your various items are actually needed by other people.

Instead of being left piled up to become dusty, damaged by obsolescence, it is better to sell the used goods. The condition is as long as it’s still fit for use Not bad, besides reducing unused items, you can also get money for additional capital.

Now selling used goods is no longer a hassle, because there are online buying and selling sites or marketplaces. Just take a photo of the item, upload it online, give a description and price. Can already sell online.

Find investors

Nowadays, how come you can disburse funds without having to apply for credit to the bank. You do this by looking for investors. Of course, if you want an injection of investor capital, the business or business that you are running must be clear in what direction. Have a vision and mission, interesting concepts, and promising prospects.

Even if necessary, the business is different from the others. Most importantly, be able to convince investors that the business you are starting can provide maximum benefits.

In this case, you should be diligent about going to events where investors gather. You can also invite your closest people or acquaintances to become investors. Take a personal approach so that they impress you and the business you are in.

Pawn of valuables

A quick solution to getting additional capital without the need for debt to the bank is pawning goods. If you have valuables, don’t be afraid to pawn them.

After all, this is to finance activities that are productive in nature, not consumptive. If you get a profit from your business or business, you can redeem valuable items.

By pauline

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