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Business Insider is known for its insightful and informative content that covers various industries and sectors. One of the leading topics that the publication focuses on is money-making strategies. From stock market investments to entrepreneurship and personal finance, Business Insider’s top writers have been sharing their latest insights on how to make money in today’s economy. In this article, we will explore some of the latest money-making strategies from Business Insider’s top writers.

1. Investing in stocks

One of the most popular ways to make money is by investing in the stock market. Business Insider’s Emily Graffeo recently shared some interesting insights on which stocks to watch in 2021. She highlighted companies that are already performing well and have the potential to grow even more in the years to come. Some of her picks include Tesla, Amazon, and Zoom. However, Graffeo also warned investors to be mindful of the volatility of the stock market and to always do their research before investing.

2. Starting a side hustle

Many people are turning to side hustles to make extra cash. Business Insider’s Avery Hartmans recently shared some ideas for those looking to start a side hustle. She suggested selling items on eBay or Etsy, dog walking, and becoming a virtual assistant as some popular options. Hartmans also emphasized that a successful side hustle requires dedication and hard work.

3. Investing in real estate

Investing in real estate has been a trend for many years. However, Business Insider’s Jen Glantz believes that 2021 may be a good year to invest in rental property. Glantz explained that the pandemic has made people more interested in renting homes and apartments due to the uncertainty of the job market. She advised potential investors to consider locations with a high demand for rental properties and to have a solid business plan in place.

4. Personal finance

Personal finance is a crucial aspect of money-making. Business Insider’s Tanza Loudenback recently shared some helpful tips for managing finances. She suggested setting financial goals, creating a budget, and building an emergency fund. Loudenback also advised readers to be mindful of their spending habits and to avoid unnecessary expenses.

In conclusion, Business Insider’s top writers have been providing valuable insights and strategies for those looking to make money in today’s economy. From investing in stocks to starting a side hustle, there are many options available. However, it is important to remember that success does not come overnight and requires patience and hard work. By staying informed and being mindful of personal finance, anyone can improve their financial situation.

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