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Tips for Brand Owners to Attract Buyers in the Hybrid Shopping Era

By pauline Dec 17, 2022

After the pandemic, one in four consumers chose hybrid shopping. This, makes brands have to start readjusting their business to be able to maximize sales appeal. So, what needs to be done in integrating digital experiences and physical stores? Check out the full Business review.

Research marketing strategy

The first step a brand needs to take is to review its Commerce Media strategy. It refers to a new approach to digital advertising that combines sales data and AI to target consumers along their shopping journey and help marketers and media owners drive sales results.

A seamless hybrid shopping experience

Brands can provide consumers with a seamless shopping experience that creates loyalty and trust by including innovative and practical customer service, with a shopping experience spread across digital, physical and mobile touchpoints.

Based on last year’s data, it was stated that consumers tend to prefer to shop at physical stores because they enjoy the shopping experience in person, because they can see the real quality of goods and can make last-minute purchases if needed. However, they will see reviews and comparisons on the same product over the internet.

Target the right ads and content

Brands can ensure a wider reach of new and existing consumers by optimizing data and analytics on their websites and apps, enabling targeted advertising which in turn influences sales convergence. So brands should consider advertising partners who can help them apply first-party data to build market engagement.

This allows businesses to be more effective in converting sales and in maintaining brand loyalty. This collection of content and information helps customers confirm their purchasing decisions and enables a better and more consistent experience of your brand, as customers now cross multiple channels to get a variety of informational content, reviews and experiences about the products being marketed.

By pauline

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