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By pauline Oct 2, 2020

In the business world, several social media platforms that are often used for promotional media are Instagram. Posting photos via Instagram is certainly not difficult, just choose an interesting and high-quality image. However, there are obstacles that are often experienced by writing a caption. Captions for Instagram are an important part that can influence the public to be interested in the services and products we offer.

To maximize the function of Instagram as a digital marketing strategy, you must be able to present quality content. The content referred to here is not only high quality photos, but also a caption that is easy to understand and reaches many people. If some of you are still confused about how to make a caption, we will present a discussion on how to make good and correct caption tips according to experts. So please listen to it until it’s finished!

1. Don’t be pedantic Sufficiently Short And Clear

Don’t make Instagram captions too long. This is because on Instagram there are already pictures that can explain everything. And a short and clear caption will be a good supporter of an Instagram post. If you want to sell a product, create a caption that briefly describes the product. If the caption you created is long, give it a paragraph and separate it with a line break. This method will make the caption display that you create tidier and easier to read.

2. Don’t have too many hashtags

If you see a lot of hashtags in other people’s posts, what do you think? Of course it looks unattractive, right? Therefore, don’t use too many hashtags. Don’t use hashtags with a number of more than 15. Because these hashtags will distract someone from reading the caption you have created.

Even a social media expert named Michael Kwolek once said that there are only 2 hashtags that can be used, and it would be better if you only include 1 hashtag that is most dominant and most sought after by the public.

3. Use Correct Spelling

Making captions for Instagram must also be good and correct according to spelling. If you are still writing captions but don’t care about using capital letters, proper spelling, and paragraph structure, then the quality of the captions you are using is still poor. According to Michael Kwolek, “If you want someone to read what you have to say, you have to make it easy to read. It’s a basic thing, but very important. You can use slang, as long as it’s still relevant and in accordance with the spelling. But if you often abbreviate words and use the wrong spelling, people who see it will definitely not understand the caption you make and they just skip over your post.

4. Relevant to Pictures

A picture alone is not enough to convey a point. You must be able to convey a caption that matches the image you are going to upload.

5. Focus on Followers

If you have Instagram, you have to make sure that the content you share can be accepted and understood by your followers. Image quality must be good and every caption you make can influence them to continue visiting Instagram that you have. You can also do a survey by posting different pictures, and see which one is better able to attract more of your subscribers.

By pauline

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