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By pauline Oct 18, 2020

Business is a thing that many people dream of. By doing business we will be the boss of ourselves. but doing business is not as easy as it is given. There are many things that must be considered. With the development of technology, it also affects the type of business.

In the past, to open a business, you had to have a shop and goods. People should visit your shop in person. But now, even without owning a shop, you can open a business and buyers can be from all over the world.

Online shops and offline stores are becoming a competition in today’s digital era. actually the advantages of having an online store are indeed more than offline stores. For more details, we discuss the comparison below.

The place to sell

This is what distinguishes the most between online stores and offline stores. For online shops, of course, you don’t need to rent a place. Even though you are at home, you can open an online business. You only need a gadget, internet network and a platform to sell. So you can immediately open an online business. The platform can use BBM, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others.

Meanwhile, offline stores, you must have a shop or rent a place to sell. It means that the capital you need is even more. this is the advantage of an online shop, little capital and no need to have a shop to sell.

Market Reach

The advantage of having an online shop is a wider market network. You can reach all over the world. Meanwhile, offline stores are only in certain places. Maybe only around where you live. By opening an online shop, you can get customers from America or Europe. Moreover, almost all countries in the world already have internet networks.

For offline stores, maybe only on certain days you can get customers from other areas. But for everyday life, maybe only from the closest people


Compared to offline stores, online shops are indeed more practical. You only need to create a website and then post the items you are going to sell. Meanwhile, offline stores, you have to organize the shop as well as possible. So that more and more people are interested in buying.

In addition, the transaction process is also easier. you only need to wait for the money transfer and send it. No need to give change or other complicated transaction problems. you also do not need to arrange merchandise properly. because everyone only sees the social media that you use.

Selling Risk

Every sale has its risks. Whether it’s selling online or offline. But for selling online the risk is less than offline. Moreover, in selling online you can use the dropshipping system. So you don’t need stock items. Just need to attach a photo and later when someone buys it. Suppliers who send goods to consumers on your behalf. so no need to be afraid of goods piling up a lot and not being sold.

Whereas offline stores automatically you have to stock a lot of goods. so that many people will come to your shop. the risk of not selling goods will be even greater. Especially if you sell food, you must be able to sell it well.

These two types of businesses do have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Live according to the capital you have. Many people do both. Have an offline store but also market it online. So that the benefits obtained are even greater.

The advantages of online shops are indeed more than offline stores. Therefore many people are turning to online businesses. The platform used is also increasingly diverse.

By pauline

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