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How to Increase Business Turnover in 2021 Only Through Social Media

The business crisis faced during COVID-19 has become an uncertain situation because the number of cases continues to grow which makes the pace of the economy slow down. Business people must think of strategies to adapt to the existing situation. Thus business turnover can increase despite facing a crisis situation.

One of the adaptations that need to be done is adaptation to sophisticated technology such as realizing the existence of marketplaces and social media. Through technology, all business activities become easier. Bitlabs also has interesting tips to increase business turnover in 2021.

1. Research product trends

It is important to know whether the product to be marketed is a product that many people are looking for or not. This needs to be done in order to avoid wasted efforts if it turns out that the product you choose has no demand. The right product also needs selling price planning so that it helps to get abundant profits without having to fear losing in promotional costs.

2. Maximizing the marketplace

Marketplace is one of the best places for beginners to do business online. There are appropriate ways to use the marketplace, for example, it is necessary to choose a title for selling products that are sought after, using advertisements in the marketplace, and using credible and convincing images. So this will attract consumers even though the selling price is priced higher than other stalls.

3. Marketing creativity on Instagram

Instagram has become a popular social media as a forum for business. Easy access and display make Instagram a starting tool for business. But we need the right way to maximize this Instagram. Such as creating an appropriate, unique, and attractive account name; research the content to be created; and use the right hashtags.

4. Form a strategy before creating a website

Creating a website that can be visited by many people also requires the right strategy. Starting from searching the website name and willing to provide data, such as email or phone number. This is important because there is data once I offer other products without having to spend promotion costs. In addition, the speed of the website is light to open and the keywords are right on target.

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