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Culinary Business Trends in 2021

By pauline Jan 31, 2021

There are many reasons behind the bankruptcy of one’s culinary business. It’s not just a matter of hasty business financial management or lack of capital, but it could also be because culinary business owners don’t want to see culinary business trends that are currently developing.

By maintaining the old culinary trends, of course, the time of consumers will continue to decrease, which in the end the culinary business will go out of business. Meanwhile, people today, stop by a restaurant or cafe not only to enjoy eating and drinking, but they also want to chat for a long time with friends while enjoying the atmosphere of the restaurant, taking pictures, and so on.

Just imagine, if the consumer’s need for a restaurant that follows the trend or the present is fulfilled, of course more and more consumers will come and the business turnover will increase.

For those of you who just want to start a culinary business earlier this year or want to improve the restaurant concept, has prepared a summary from various sources regarding some culinary business trends throughout 2021 that can be immediately applied. Guaranteed, the culinary business will sell well!

Instagramable Restaurant or Cafe Design

The design of the restaurant is an important point that must be prioritized. Apart from eating, consumers cannot escape taking selfies. That way, consumers will look at the restaurant design first to determine whether to stop by or not. If it displays a very instagramable design, then consumers will stop by, and vice versa.

So this year, instagramable restaurant or cafe designs with rustic and minimalist themes are still in high demand. In order for both designs to be more attractive, don’t forget to add furniture and room accessories that fit the chosen theme, for example, green trees or small flowers that can be displayed on every table, display works of art and more. You should also choose a design in accordance with the culinary business that will be run.

Open Kitchen

Maybe most people are still confused by the concept of this open kitchen. This does not mean that visitors are welcome to enter the back kitchen, but open kitchen is the concept of an open kitchen. Usually a restaurant that applies this concept will position the kitchen at the front of the restaurant or it can also be behind with a glass barrier.

That way, visitors can see firsthand the activities or conditions in the kitchen. This also allows visitors to ensure that the food or drink ordered is processed properly.

Live Music

Although basically a restaurant or cafe is just a place to stop to eat, drink and rest for a while, there’s nothing wrong if a restaurant or cafe offers entertainment.

Previously, the entertainment was only in the form of music that was set on a cellphone and then connected to the speakers, but the culinary business trend in 2021 is a restaurant or cafe that needs to present live music such as acoustics. With this, of course, it will make visitors feel more enjoy and add to the excitement.

Open For 24 Hours

Hunger can come at any time, even in the middle of the night like 12, 1 or 2 o’clock. Looking for food outside at this time must be very difficult, because most restaurants or cafes will close at 10 pm.

To meet consumer needs like that, it seems that in 2021 there will be many restaurants or cafes that are open 24 hours. That way, customers can eat at any time without worrying about closing hours.

Presenting a Healthy Menu

According to Agence France-Presse quoted from, people’s interest in living a healthy lifestyle by consuming healthier foods, especially vegan will increase in 2021.

This is certainly a very big opportunity for culinary businesses to present healthy menus at their restaurant or cafe. This healthy menu can be in the form of processed foods without a mixture of MSG or other preservatives, vegetable or fruit salads, low-sugar juices and so on.

By pauline

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