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Cyber Crime Threats That Make Companies Losses

By pauline Feb 6, 2021

It is not uncommon now that many cyber crime threats have emerged. Cyber individuals will usually attack companies that are still categorized as medium to reap large profits. The reason is that medium-sized companies are likely to have weak cybersecurity defenses.

As many as 73% of the 500 companies surveyed also suffered losses due to the cyber attack. This can be seen in the report that the loss could reach 25% of his income.

Worse, cyberattacks by rogue individuals today are more than one type of threat. Then what are the forms of cyber threats that have caused many companies to suffer significant losses? The following are the reviews that need to be listened to carefully, including:

Forms of Cyber Crime Threats :


Companies will get attacks from cyber individuals by shutting down business systems or making businesses offline or not running. In this case, cybercriminals will attack the installed software.

Then, cybercriminals will ask for a number of ransom money before the “ransomeware” is removed. If the company does not grant its request, cybercriminals will again threaten in the form of making data corrupt and unusable.

Data Theft

Cyber individuals can steal consumer or customer data from every company that is attacked. Of the thousands or millions of customer data, cybercriminals can get a lot of profit by selling it to other rogue elements. In addition, cybercriminals can also ask for a ransom from the company so that the data is returned to the company.

Posing as CEO

There are many ways that cyber individuals can make profits, one of which is to disguise themselves as CEO or high-ranking officials in companies such as finance directors. That way, he can more easily request payment changes on the invoice and transfer it to the individual’s account.

Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining is a crime that has only recently occurred. Even so, it has been widely practiced by cyber people. This cyber crime requires individuals to install software on a company’s IT (Information Technology) system. After that, cybercriminals can pirate the processor to produce crypto currency. Worse yet, the company’s business system can gradually degenerate and stop.

Theft Intellectual Property (IP)

This type of IP theft cyber crime usually occurs in an industrial spoinage mode in which cybercriminals will carry out a surveillance or spy practice with the aim of obtaining a collection of information from the company they are targeting to steal IP.

By pauline

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