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Most Suitable Business for Single Mothers

Being a single mother is certainly not easy. Apart from having to raise their children alone, single mothers must be able to play the role of a father, namely in earning a living.

In making a living, a single mother does not have to work in a company. However, running a home business can certainly be the right solution. That way, a mother can take care of her child at home as well.

Here are some businesses that are suitable for single mothers.

Sell baby and children’s food

Biscuits or bread are two foods that are preferred by babies and children. If you are good at making both, what’s wrong with opening a baby and child food business at home. With his cooking skills, the business will run smoothly.

The next task is to determine the variety of biscuits and bread to be cooked. Starting from the variants of taste and shape, basically how to make babies and children like to eat it.

Besides being sold, you can make stock for your own children too. So, you don’t have to buy biscuits or cookies outside anymore because homemade is no less delicious.


If you love children, then this child care business is definitely a good fit. It would be nice to be able to take care of your own children while taking care of other people’s children. The tasks are also the same, the only challenge is the different character of each child.

However, running this business is not at all difficult. The capital is also very minimal because all it takes is energy and patience.

If this business runs smoothly, then the profits you get are quite large every month. However, you really have to be painstaking in caring for your children so that their parents are willing to leave their children.

Online business

Want to run an easy business, with small capital, but with big profits? You can try to open an online business. There are many products that can be sold online, such as clothing, stationery, household appliances, cosmetics, and frozen food.

Doing business online has high flexibility because it can be done anytime and anywhere. It’s just that, cellphones have to be on standby often to see incoming orders.

Given the very high competition for online businesses, it is better if the product being sold is unique, needed, and at an affordable price. Use social media assistance for promotion, so people know about the products you sell.

Party planner business

Have you ever heard of the term party planner, right? As the name suggests, here you work as a conceptual determinant of a party or event. Starting from the decoration, layout, and anything that needs to be displayed to beautify a room.

This business is perfect for those of you who have high art and creativity. Because, juggling a room to make it more pleasing to the eye is quite difficult. Not to mention if the party has a certain theme.

We recommend using social media or blogs to find interesting decoration ideas. Then, adjust it to the event you want to hold.

Content maker

How would you feel if your content was published and paid for successfully? It must be very happy, that’s how you feel if you decide to become a content creator or content creator.

The content that is made is not only in the form of writing, but also videos, animations, and graphics according to the skills you have.

Apart from creating content for other people, you can also create personal content to increase revenue. For example, videos that can be published on the Youtube platform. Income is calculated from the number of viewers who watch videos and advertisements.

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