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Important Things When Choosing a Business Place Property

By pauline Dec 25, 2021

Understanding the legal aspects of leasing or buying property is important in building a business. Especially during a pandemic like this, every entrepreneur must be more careful in the use of funds in the business he runs.

For those of you who want to set up a business during this pandemic, of course there are many things that must be prepared. Do not focus too much on capital calculations so as to ignore property administration related to legal aspects.

Know the type of property

Broadly speaking, there are two types of property, namely non-commercial or residential property and commercial property. Non-commercial properties are properties that are actually intended for residential purposes, such as landed houses, apartments, and flats. Meanwhile, commercial properties are buildings whose construction has been designated for trading and service business activities. Examples such as shop houses, offices, shops, and lodging.

Pay attention to the location of the property

Make sure that the property is suitable for business activities. Do not abuse the function of the property that we have for business activities, and it turns out that the zoning is not appropriate. So when we carry out business activities, in the middle of the road it can be dismissed by the government because the permit is not appropriate.

There is a Lease Agreement or a Sale and Purchase Agreement

This is related to property ownership that will be used as a place of business. So, it must be clear when using a property, the document underline must be clear. Do we rent the property from other people to be used as a place of business? If so, we must prepare a rental agreement. So indeed, when there is any inspection, it can be seen that we are indeed the legal party to be able to occupy the property to carry out business activities.

Beware of fake documents

If you want to rent a property for business activities or so on, make sure that we optimally check that everything (including) the owner of the property that we want to rent, for example for business activities, everything is clear and the legal documentation is complete. “So, there are no elements of fraud. Because we are doing business, don’t let the business be stopped in the middle because there are several documents or things that are not legally complied.

By pauline

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