Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Increased Use of Social Media for Selling Online During Covid-19

In today’s era, the sales market is growing which can be done anywhere and anytime, which makes it easier for sellers to market their merchandise. The current era of social media is very influential because most people nowadays mostly use social media where they can buy whatever they want easily and quickly. Sales using social media are currently growing very rapidly, the platforms used include: Instagram, Facebook and others.

From this platform, people can make purchases anywhere and anytime without worrying about fraud. The impact of the current pandemic requires that all people reduce their activities outside their homes and stay at home. Therefore, people are encouraged to study, shop or work from home for a while.

From this incident, many people also started to build their business online by utilizing existing platforms. Which is where the time is very flexible, minimal capital and a wider market reach. Online businesses have seen a huge increase during the pandemic.

Online business is becoming known in various countries because many people cannot work outside the home. A number of social media are used to market the products being sold. Even in Indonesia, the use of social media for business is also high. The platforms commonly used include: Facebook, Instagram and so on.

According to reports from We are Social and Hootsuite in 2020 the use of social media increased by more than 9% from last year where this increase shows that the number of social media users. This actually becomes an opportunity for entrepreneurs because the increase and development of social media at this time is so drastic that entrepreneurs can start an online business immediately.

By pauline

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