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Side Business Ideas with Small Capital

By pauline Nov 21, 2021

A side business is indeed a small-scale business. But from this small scale, which was just a fad or just for additional income, if carried out seriously, it can turn into a world-scale business. Who would have thought that a business that started from this simple idea could bring in a lot of money.

If you are still constrained by confusion about what business to choose, here we have summarized 21 side businesses with small capital that you should try.

Side Business Providing Services


In today’s practical era, many people still think pragmatically. “Instead of running out of time to wash clothes, it’s better to do laundry.” Therefore, the idea of opening a kilogram laundry business became very popular.

Business players in this field have also begun to mushroom, especially in areas close to campuses and offices. The number of players who jump in makes the competition tight so the price also competes.

Is it that easy to open a laundry service business? Actually yes, but to be successful in this business, you have to be smart to find a gap to get started. The most important thing you need to consider is market share. A place where there are many students and private employees or civil servants is the most appropriate location to open this business.

Motorcycle or Car Wash

This business seems never lonely. People are willing to queue up for hours to get their turn. The price, quality and energy spent on washing motorbikes and cars makes many vehicle owners prefer professional washing services over washing themselves.

The capital issued is also relatively affordable to open this business. For beginners, you should start with a motorcycle wash business first. The equipment requirements that must be owned are also quite simple. You only need to provide a water pump, compressor, rags, motorcycle soap, and motorcycle tire polishing equipment.

Graphic design

This side business is suitable for employees who work in graphic design companies. On the sidelines of your main job, you can offer services to partners you know or through several marketplaces. The most sought-after design services are business cards, logos, clothes, mascots, posters, booths and interiors.


Do you speak a foreign language? Take advantage of these skills by offering translation services. Indeed, translators are divided into two groups, namely professional translators and novice translators. But all professionals start from beginners too, right? Professional translators usually work under oath and are relatively expensive. For beginners, you should just start by translating documents such as articles, theses, papers, and so on.

By pauline

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