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Skills Must Have, To Be Successful in Career and Business 2022

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In building a career, skills are sometimes important, especially in the face of technological developments. Technological developments can threaten jobs so that sometimes the skills we have can be stored for a shorter period of time. In addition, according to the World Economic Forum, 50 percent of all employees will need a skills upgrade by 2025. This is necessary in order to remain relevant in their work roles amid large-scale disruptions. To that end, here are the top capabilities tech organizations are looking for in their workforce today and in the future. These skills are employable skills in 2022.


According to a report by Skillsoft 2021 in the IT Skills and Salary report, 52 percent of IT decision makers in the Asia-Pacific region consider cybersecurity a priority for their teams. For this reason, the need for many professionals in cyber security becomes necessary to protect the valuable data of organizations and prevent cyber attacks.

Cloud computing

This domain has been an important investment area for many organizations since 2017, until now in the fast-growing digital-first world. In addition, based on the same report, it is known that cloud computing is the main investment area by 43 percent, in decision making. For that, you can enrich your skills in DevOps, Serverless Architecture, Automation and QA to advance your career.

Big Data

Big data is the art and science of collecting, analyzing and using data securely to make informed decisions. Data management is a priority for IT leaders. These capabilities are sought after by organizations to find qualified talent, in filling big data jobs.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and ML have become a part of our daily life. Significantly, they are driving automation that simplifies systems across industries. Organizations should also look for a skilled professional in this area. Job roles in this segment will be prioritized by 34 percent of Asia-Pacific leaders.

Internet of Things

With more and more devices connected to each other today and the adoption rate soaring, IoT has become a popular new technology for businesses. Moreover, from 2015 to 2021, IoT devices have tripled and so has the need for IoT engineers. However, this skill is considered one of the weak skills, due to the lack of skilled professionals. In summary, skills such as analytical and critical thinking, complex problem solving, leadership, and social influence are touted as the skills of the future according to the World Economic Forum’s 2022 Skills Outlook. Develop these abilities, so that you can enrich your skills in an era of technology that continues to develop rapidly.

By pauline

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