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Strategies in Targeting Target Markets

By pauline Jan 23, 2021 #Market #products

Another thing that is no less important about the target market is determining the strategy. In general, there are at least four market targeting strategies that are usually carried out by business people, namely:

Mass Marketing

As the name implies, business people use mass marketing strategies to target everyone in marketing their products. Yes, this strategy does not really apply segmentation in determining its customers. The reason is because the products offered are a general need and are needed by everyone.

Examples of products that can be marketed with this strategy are soap, toothbrushes, and others. In implementing this strategy, the focus of business people is more on how to get more people to know the products that are being sold. That way, the potential for consumers to come and buy merchandise will be higher.

Differentiated Marketing

Even more conical, differentiated marketing is a strategy to target a more specific target market. For example, if you previously sold common soap products, you can now differentiate between men’s and women’s soaps.

Niche Marketing

Continue to a smaller and more specific target market strategy, namely using niche marketing. An example of a product that can use this strategy is the sale of toothpaste specifically for sensitive teeth. Even though the market size is relatively smaller, niche marketing can be a means of market penetration.

In addition, this can also make a businessman a market leader in the targeted niche as long as he implements the appropriate strategy.

Micro Marketing

The last one is a strategy to target a narrower target market, namely micro marketing. This strategy is suitable to be applied to marketed products, but is limited to the location, type of goods, or time factors

What To Do If The Target Market Has Been Determined?

After understanding about the target market and knowing which target to target, there are a number of things that business people still need to do to make their products more salable. One of them is creating or innovating new products. The goal is to make the product more attractive.

This process can be done by looking for new types of products, changing packaging or prices, and offering easier product delivery processes. In addition, business people can also promote products to predetermined target markets in order to attract new consumers.

So, what if sales don’t increase even though you have targeted the target market segment? One solution that can be chosen is retargeting, namely using different promotional methods or media, such as using other social media. The goal is to remind potential consumers about the advantages of the product being offered.

By pauline

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