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Business letters have been a vital part of communication in the world of commerce for centuries. Whether it is for communicating with colleagues or clients, writing a business letter is a crucial skill that every professional should possess. However, with the advent of new communication technologies, the way business letters are written and delivered has changed considerably. From snail mail to email, and now to instant messaging, the evolution of business letters has been remarkable.

Snail Mail

In the past, business letters were written on paper and mailed through the postal system – a process that was slow and often took several days or even weeks to reach the intended recipient. The sender had to ensure that the letter was properly formatted and written in a formal tone to create a professional impression on the recipient. The use of snail mail was also expensive, and large corporations often had to bear significant costs to send letters to clients or partners in other parts of the world.


With the invention of the fax machine, the process of sending business letters became much faster and cost-effective. Businesses could send letters instantly, and the sender could receive a receipt to confirm that the letter had been delivered. This made communication more reliable and allowed businesses to communicate with their partners and clients more efficiently. However, the fax had limitations, and the quality of the text and images was often poor.


The introduction of email revolutionized the way business letters were written and delivered. Email allowed businesses to send letters instantly across the world, and the cost of sending an email was minimal. With email, businesses could communicate with multiple recipients simultaneously, and they could attach various types of files, including images, documents, and spreadsheets. Additionally, email made it easier for businesses to keep track of their communication with partners, clients, and colleagues.

Instant Messaging

The evolution of business letters has recently taken a new turn with the rise of instant messaging platforms. These platforms, such as WhatsApp and Skype, allow businesses to send messages instantly to their partners and clients. Instant messaging has the advantage of allowing businesses to communicate on-the-go, and it offers businesses a more casual way of communicating with clients and colleagues.


The evolution of business letters has come a long way, from snail mail to fax to email and now to instant messaging. In the future, as new technologies are introduced, the way businesses communicate with their partners, clients, and colleagues will continue to change. Regardless of the communication technology used, the principle of writing a well-structured and professional letter remains the same. By mastering the art of writing business letters, professionals can effectively communicate with their partners, build strong relationships, and drive their businesses forward.

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