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Who doesn’t know a social network called Facebook? Almost some people prefer Facebook for social media. Its appearance for the first time was able to attract public attention at that time. But have you known who the founder of Facebook is? Yes, Mark Zuckerberg is the man behind the success of Facebook itself. Behind the popularity of Facebook, there is the interference of the master who always tries his best to advance Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg himself is one of the richest people in the world. Even at the age of not yet 30 years old, he has been able to make $ 10.5 billion. You can imagine how rich Mark Zuckergerg will be if the money is converted into rupiah value. His income continues to grow until now. And that also cannot be separated from the tenacity and enthusiasm that he has.

Even though he was nicknamed the conglomerate and billionaire, he never escaped from a simplicity. Even when Mark worked and attended an event, it could be remembered that Mark wore gray t-shirts more often. He also prefers to use a car that costs 360 million rupiah. Nothing compared to that extraordinary income.

McGraw-Hill even wrote a book entitled Think Like Zuck: The Five Business Secrets of Facebook’s Improbably Brilliant CEO Mark Zuckerberg, in that book tells of the persistence of Mark, who was 19 years old at the time and held the title of a Harvard University student. In the book, Mark Zuckerberg discusses the journey of how he built a company that has revolutionized the internet and succeeded in developing it in a fairly short time.

Even businessnewsdaily summarizes 5 secrets of success a la Mark Zuckerberg from the book Think Like Zuck, which is shortened to 5P and contains:

  1. Passion
    Energy and commitment must always be maintained and filled with you doing something you believe in.
  2. Purpose
    Don’t just make a great product, but make a meaningful boost to your business.
  3. People
    Build a great team that can execute your vision and mission.
  4. Product
    Create an innovative product that can solve everything and change everything.
  5. Partnership
    Build strong partnerships with people who will increase your imagination and energy.

Persistence and simplicity is what should be exemplified by young business people who want to be successful like Mark Zuckerberg. Hopefully the 5P tips above can encourage Internet Marketer friends in building a business.

By pauline

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