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Tips to Avoid Cyber Crime Threats

By pauline Feb 7, 2021

Not a single company wants to suffer losses, let alone the cause because of the threat of cyber crime that is currently rife. In order for the company to run well without any disturbing obstacles, of course there must be efforts that must be made to protect the company.

The following are some easy tips to avoid the threat of cyber crime that has summarized from various sources, including:

Protect Device Appropriately

Protecting the device is the first fundamental way any company needs to do. This protection can use technology that is effective in warding off cyber threats, such as antivirus, anti-spyware, firewall and anti-ransomware. This application can be found at internet security service providers.

In addition, companies are also important to pay attention to the software used. Make sure the company uses official or legal software because it can protect the device well. This is clearly different from pirated software that is automatically illegal which is unable to protect the device.

Periodic System Updates

Every application or software developer will certainly upgrade to fix bugs or design flaws in the software from the previous system. In addition, it can also add security systems to quality.

For this reason, regular system updates are very important in order to protect the system in use. Usually, application developers offer an automatic system update feature to their customers to make it easier for them to update their systems. So the company does not need to check and update the system one by one.

Perform Data Copy

This is something that is often taken lightly by everyone, namely not doing data copying or backups. Even though this is very important to do for anyone, especially companies that have a lot of important data.

As a small example, person A is completing a thesis task on his laptop. However, suddenly the laptop died completely and had to be serviced, even though there was a collection of thesis data. So A will wait for his laptop to finish being serviced and turn back on to complete the thesis. Well, if previously A did a backup of his thesis data on a flash or email, then he didn’t have to wait a long time. Person A can immediately continue his thesis on a laptop or other computer.

Every company needs to ensure that the copy of data held is stored in a safe place. If the storage is on an external drive, make sure it is not connected to another computer or network so that it is not easily infected with ransomware.

To be safe again, use encryption on the internal drive or folder used. With this, cybercriminals will not be able to read the stored data.

Important Change Password

Is the password used like the passwords used in general (for example pass123, 12345, abcdef or others? If so, immediately change the password to become stronger, because such passwords still look weak and easily broken into by cybercriminals.

Every account user is required to create a good and correct password by combining elements of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and characters. In addition, users also need to change passwords regularly, for example, once every two months or every three months. If you are worried that you are afraid to forget, the account owner can record it in a safe place and only yourself will know about it.

Take advantage of Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication or 2FA or Two Factor Authentication can significantly increase security. Cyber people can still steal data, but they can’t damage it any further, because there is code that needs to be passed. This code is an additional layer of security from 2FA’s.

This system is highly recommended for users who often carry out crucial processes such as transactions between companies with one another. Apart from that, social media users can also use it.

By pauline

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