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Tips for Selling Artwork Through NFT

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Now many artists have used digital art collection methods that can make money. Then reported from, in the last three years US$400 million NFT has directly exchanged the NFT market. If you’re interested, here’s how to sell art through NFT that you can follow.

In selling NFT, you can sell through OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare. OpenSea is the largest NFT market. You can find art, cyber materials, trading cards, domain names, collectibles, sports and utility tokens. All items are also sold in ETH. Self-submissions require inspection by the team before being approved for public trading on the platform. Artists can also define royalty parameters for their work. Then the second is Rarible. In this platform all items are also sold in ETH. But in order for you to get the most out of Rarible as an artist, then you need to sign up and get a verified badge from the team.

The approval process takes less than a week and requires you to submit proof that your work is authentic. Apart from that, you also need to share the links to their social media channels. In addition, Rarible offers OpenSea integration. This allows artists to use OpenSea to view and manage the assets they create on Rarible. Third is SuperRare. In SuperRare, artists can list their work under different tags like 3D, animation, and more. On this platform, creators can receive 85 percent of the amount they sell per item and earn a 10 percent royalty commission, if collectors resell their work. Then, here’s how to sell your NFT quoted from nftcalendar.

Creating a Web3 wallet

Since tokens (NFT) are blockchain-based assets, you need a wallet to create, send and receive. You will also need to fund your wallet so that it can pay the transaction fees associated with your transactions. Since most of the NFT platforms are built on Ethereum, you will need an Ethereum wallet funded with ETH as well. Most experts also recommend using the Metamask wallet extension in Chrome or any other browser you use. Extensions allow you to connect to the NFT marketplace and use related services directly from your computer’s browser.

Buy ETH and send it to your wallet

Buy ETH from a cryptocurrency exchange or broker and send it to your ETH Metamask wallet address. Most platforms allow you to complete purchases using your credit/debit card or bank.

Prepare your artwork

Do some research or observation for inspiration to create best-selling NFT art. You can prepare works in the form of videos, audios, images and 3D models with a maximum size of 100MB.

Submit your work on the marketplace

Here is a tutorial using, the most widely used.

  • Login to OpenSea via your Metamask wallet, approve transactions, complete your profile and some other conditions
  • Return to OpenSea, select ‘Create’ and submit NFT from the dropdown menu. Then click ‘Create’ under ‘Create New Collection.’ – Give a name for the description collection, click save and wait for the confirmation message
  • To create an NFT, you can click on ‘Add New Item’ under ‘Collections’
  • Then you can upload your artwork and complete other information
  • Click ‘Create’ and approve the transaction via Metamask
  • Next, go back to Edit from the Collections tab and toggle the option to submit your collection for review and approval from OpenSea
  • Once approved, your NFT will have an approved Collection tag when it appears in the OpenSea list
  • Click the link for one of your art items and then select sell. Set the price you want to sell and follow some instructions
  • If you have, then your NFT will be available in the public domain after the transaction is approved

Promote your content

One of the criteria OpenSea and other marketplaces use to approve content creators is social proof. OpenSea specifically requires that you include the number of social media channels you actively manage and share your NFT collection publicly at least once. For that, create promotions and inform your audience that you have signed into NFT. Experts also recommend releasing a free edition of NFT to build your following and sales record on OpenSea.

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