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Tips for Success Starting a Cafe Business with Small Capital

By pauline Aug 29, 2020

The existence of a cafe today is inseparable from the lifestyle of most city people who want to unwind after a full day of work in a comfortable place. Due to this fact, making the cafe business can be a promising business opportunity with small capital. If you are one of the potential entrepreneurs who are interested in starting this business, but still have limited funds, below are some tips that will help you to start a cafe business without having to bear a lot of money.

Rent a place on the right budget

One of the biggest funding items when designing a cafe business is renting a place. Especially for you beginner entrepreneurs who have minimal capital, the problem of renting this place must be quite a headache. If, you have limited capital, you can start this business using your own home, business partner’s house, or maybe someone else’s home page to become a temporary cafe stall. Usually the pavilion rental price is not as expensive as renting a shop house. Another way can also use the home garden. You can use a cafe with an attractive outdoor concept. Besides being able to reduce rental costs, using a pavilion or a house garden can actually add to the uniqueness of the cafe.

Use Part Time System employees

Part time employees will make the expense load lighter. Tackle the work that you can still do when the cafe starts running and give part-time employees the remaining hours of work to make up for the shortfall. Using employees with this part-time system apart from having the advantage of wage relief because they only pay per hour according to the work that has been done, it also prevents you from having to keep paying employees in full when your cafe business is experiencing a decline.

Buy Raw Materials from Wholesalers

To save on expenses from the menu that is served, you can buy food and beverage raw materials to be served from wholesalers. By buying raw materials from wholesalers, you will get a much cheaper price than you buy raw materials from retailers. However, to get low prices from wholesalers, buyers are generally required to buy in large quantities. This is a rule that applies almost everywhere.

Implement a Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

A business always needs marketing or marketing so that its business is known to many people and is able to increase the number of customers. However, it is not uncommon for many entrepreneurs to get caught up in wasting funds when they are promoting. So, try to use the right marketing strategy at a small cost. You can try to invite customers or cafe visitors to get additional toppings or free drinks by making a review of your cafe on their social media. By using this strategy, besides your business will be more visible, readers will feel more confident, because reviews or testimonials come from consumers who have felt it, not from business owners.

Give the Best Service

Service is something that can be obtained free of charge. By providing good and friendly service, of course customers will feel comfortable in your cafe. They will indirectly recommend the cafe to their friends or those closest to them as a fun gathering place. The best service will always make a good impression on a business.

Those are some tips you can do to start a cafe business with small capital. After your business is running well, you should also start thinking about making financial reports. With financial reports, you can more easily see your financial condition to make decisions when you want to grow your business.

By pauline

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