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Useful Instagram Features for Online Businesses

By pauline Dec 19, 2020 #Business #Instagram #online

Who doesn’t know the hottest social media applications today? Yep, that’s right. Instagram is one of the most popular social media today. Applications that are used to share photos and expand their network of friends can also be used to do business by selling online on Instagram.

By using Instagram’s features, you can get information on a product or brand that you want easily. Some online business people have also implemented Instagram as their access to online sales and provide link information for online store applications and websites. So, what features are used?

Instagram Insight feature

The new feature launched by Instagram is the Instagram Insights feature, this feature can help users selling online on Instagram to see who is viewing your business profile on Instagram. Information such as age, demographics, consumer interests will appear in the Instagram insight feature.

The benefit of using Instagram Insights is that you can see the average segmentation of your business enthusiasts from age, demographics to consumer interests. So you can determine what marketing steps can attract the attention of potential buyers to do next. Age ranges and demographics can also determine benchmarks to see current trends.

Auto Reply feature

The Instagram survey proves that consumers are very happy to interact with sellers through the auto reply chat feature. Even though sometimes the information is already listed on the online shop’s Instagram profile, on average, prospective buyers still carry out the communication process via chat to get detailed product information.

However, the problem that usually occurs when your online sales is growing, is that the number of customers whose messages are not answered is due to the accumulation of incoming messages. Instagram has a solution by launching the Instagram auto reply feature which can be used to simplify and make the communication process more effective with the auto reply feature.

Instagram Stories feature

The Instagram Stories feature is a feature used to make story content as interesting as possible. Usually business people will use the Instagram Stories feature to provide information on their promos or information on their products to be sold. These stories can be seen by all people in the world and allow users to build conversations with customers through the reply stories feature.

The Instagram Stories feature can also be used to provide information and connect your online store sales with website online store links. By using the Instagram application, you can also promote local products that you sell. So, interested customers will immediately process the next transaction. Well, you can make the best use of these 3 features to promote and inform your online store.

By pauline

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