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By pauline Nov 8, 2020

Have you ever opened Facebook and then you saw your friends were busy promoting their business? Promotions from your friends will appear on your news feed. So you could say that your friends are taking advantage of the opportunities available on Facebook.

If your friends can already use Facebook for business, why don’t you do the same now? It could be, your business will be more developed and also more advanced than your friends. A large number of Facebook users can reach various groups according to the target and potential of your business.

Out there, maybe you often hear that selling online on Facebook must use the advertising feature on Facebook called Facebook Ads. Even if you are a beginner in business, using Facebook Ads is still too early. The most important thing is how you attract your audience to become your consumers. And the free method can also be used before using paid methods such as Facebook ads.

In this post, the Internet Marketing team will share how to use Facebook to do business for free. Please listen.

1. Do Target Market Research

It is obligatory for business people to conduct target market research. The purpose of this target research is to let you know who will need your services and products in the future. Marketing your business without knowing your target market will make it difficult for you to get relevant customers.

2. Creating a specific and targeted Facebook account

After knowing who your target market is, the next step that needs to be done is to create a Facebook account specifically for doing business.

If you own a business, it’s important to create a Facebook account specifically for your business. That way, all product info and photos will be easier to find. Also, find friends from a class who really need your service. Those in need will be more interested in viewing your Facebook page.

3. Build Interaction With Audience

Social media is the place to communicate over long distances. Even strangers can be close to social media. This is what you need to take advantage of in doing business through Facebook. You need to build interaction and closeness with your customers. You need to reply to every incoming comment, share, and also like.

Treat each visitor like a friend. That way, they will never be bored to visit your Facebook. And your Facebook will be known by more people.

Those are some ways to use Facebook to do business for free. Easy enough, right? Before using paid ones, experiment with free ones. If the free way has good results, you just have to continue to develop it into a large business in a paid way. Good luck.

By pauline

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