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Why is education important for girls and women?

By pauline Dec 27, 2021

In old days, females have been denied the right to education. They were confined to the four walls of the house and their existence has been limited to house chores and the kitchen. However, in the events of present times, there is spreading awareness of the importance of female education.

Female education contributes to nation

Satta Matka It is said that educating a female means educating a family. As true as it may seem, many people are unable to understand the meaning of this statement. Educating a woman has more to do than only providing knowledge to her. It contributes to the nation’s economy and well-being.

Women form more than 60% of the world’s total population. Therefore, availing education to girl children will eventually increase the literacy rate over the globe. It might not be clearly visible but providing education to a girl child saves them from dangerous situations like trafficking, abuse, and fraud.

Education can promote the advantages of smaller families and poverty reduction. It teaches them about how to financially manage their home and about the welfare of the family and its management. When both the male and female members of a family earn and contribute to the income of their home, it increases the overall income rate and contributes to the country’s GDP.

Education saves life

An educated female brings a great change in her own life in terms of marriage and early childbirth. A lot of women are married before the age of 18 and have children at an early age. This endangers their own life as well as the child’s life. Education also provides awareness about safe sex and avoiding the contraction of STDs. This comes as a hope of significantly reduce and possible elimination of STDs.

Being independent is a reward

At a global range, women are being encouraged to actively participate in voting and political representations. This hugely promotes women empowerment and is a great representation of the power of one. A single lady can manage running an entire country only when she is educated and aware of the events happening in her country and how to bring about a positive change.

According to UNICEF – “Only 49 per cent of countries have achieved gender parity in primary education. … Barriers to girls’ education – like poverty, child marriage and gender-based violence – vary among countries and communities. Poor families often favour boys when investing in education.
Often, girls are marginalised and are out of school simply because they are girls and it is not the cultural norm. Their chances of getting a quality education are even smaller if they come from a poor family, live in a rural area or have a disability”.

Girls are four times more likely to be out of school than boys from the same background. The poorest girls also have the least likelihood of completing primary school.

There are often legal, religious and traditional practices that discriminate against girls having the chance to get an education. 


Women satta have all the rights as men to gain education and knowledge and it is completely inhuman to deprive them of their basic rights. The success of a country is in a great way dependent on the success and progress of women. It is time we empower them and see them bring about positive change in the world.

By pauline

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