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Why You Might Need A Sales Funnel Instead Of A Website For Your New Business

By pauline Jun 13, 2021

If you’re interested in establishing a new business, you’re not alone. According to the Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy, there were 31.7 million small businesses in the U.S. As of 2020.

The reality is that not all businesses will ultimately succeed. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that roughly 20 percent of new businesses fail within the first year, and approximately 50 percent fail within the first five years.

With such stiff competition in every industry, you might not be able to afford to make many mistakes. But there is one common error countless businesses, new and old, might be making: putting too much effort and resources into their website.

You might be a little surprised to read that, and it could be different than the advice you might have received before. But we’re going to explain exactly how your website might be a financial black hole for your new business and how ClickFunnels could help you quickly create a much more effective option.

Your Website Might Not Be Doing the Job You Want It To Pexels

You might have already invested time and money into building a website for your new business. It’s possible that you’ve put a fair amount of effort into writing blog posts, creating videos, and loading your website up with a variety of informational content.

It’s almost like you made an online brochure for your business. People can read about the founding of your startup, your mission, your return policy, or even about your launch party. They might potentially sign up for the next webinar you’re hosting, join your email list, or buy your product.

Or, with so many options to do things, they could alternatively do nothing at all.

They might get distracted while going through your products and abandon their cartful of items, not sign up for your newsletter, or decide they’d rather not attend that online workshop.

The people behind ClickFunnels refer to this phenomenon as analysis paralysis and explain that site visitors need clear direction since a confused mind always says “no.” This is why your website might not be doing the job you intend it to do, even though it has all the important information.

If you opened a new business during the challenging economic times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, your margin of error might be narrower than most. Building an informative website isn’t a mistake. However, paying to direct web traffic to a website where users might experience analysis paralysis could be a mistake.

But where should you direct traffic, if not to your website? ClickFunnels has an alternative.

It’s called a Sales Funnel, and we’re going to explain just how it works.

What Is a Sales Funnel and How Does It Work? ClickFunnels

If you pay for targeted ads on social media to direct traffic to your website, you might have noticed that all that web traffic doesn’t necessarily translate into sales.

It might be hard to admit, but you really don’t have any control over what people do when they get to your website. Don’t you wish you could be there, walking them through the process—whether that’s incentivizing them to buy a product, sign up for that webinar, or just simply join the mailing list?

What if we told you that ClickFunnels could help you build intuitive web pages that help guide visitors to take the steps and actions you intended them to? These web pages are called Sales Funnels, and you could use them to support your new business in various ways.

Obviously, you can’t personally be there to walk potential customers through your website, but an effective Sales Funnel can do that for you.

Let’s say, for example, you want to focus on generating leads for your new business. Through lead generation, you identify and attract your businesses’ target market and generally collect their contact information so that salespeople can follow up. With a Sales Funnel from ClickFunnels, you could create a series of pages specifically designed to obtain your audience’s personal information. Even if they don’t buy your product, you’ll be able to get their contact information so you can directly reach them for a potential sale later on. Check out how this Squeeze Page Funnel could help you generate leads.

Do you already have a massive email list of potential leads? Don’t worry—you could use these email addresses to create Sales Funnels for a variety of purposes to help your business. For starters, if you want to increase your average revenue per transaction, you could build a Sales Funnel with one-click upsells in the shopping cart to encourage customers to increase their order value. If you’re hosting an upcoming webinar or online event, you could build a Sales Funnel to help promote sign-ups for your event. If the process of following up with leads on various online platforms is confusing for you, upgrading to ClickFunnels Platinum will let you create Follow-Up Funnels that could streamline your ability to connect with prospects through email, social media, texts, and more.

With so many potential applications for your business, ClickFunnels must be pretty complicated to use, right? It isn’t. Click here to visit their website and learn more, or keep reading to see how their easy-to-use tools could help you build effective web pages, no experience necessary.

Do I Need Coding Experience to Use ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels was designed to help entrepreneurs build intuitive web pages, even without coding or web design experience.

How does it work exactly? ClickFunnels has a variety of easy-to-use tools to help you build your first Sales Funnel, with no previous experience necessary. They offer streamlined templates that you can customize with images, videos, and sales copy to make it reflective of your startup. Their drag-and-drop web page editor allows you to tailor your Sales Funnel to your particular business and goal. If you’ve never written compelling sales copy before, you can click here to take their free training on creating eye-catching sales copy.

Click here to start your free 14-day trial now.

If you enjoyed the services during your free trial period, you could continue with a ClickFunnels subscription worth $97 per month or $297 per month, depending on your business needs.

Are you ready to ditch the traditional website and start building your first Sales Funnel? Click here to get started on your 14-day free trial of ClickFunnels.

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