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The Key to Business Success for the Young Generation

By pauline Aug 1, 2021 #Business #product #skills

Every entrepreneur wants to achieve success in his business. However, to achieve it is not instant. It takes great effort and passion so that when you face challenges or failures, don’t just give up on the business.

1. Communication skills

Communication skills or the ability to communicate. According to him, this is very important to implement so that we can communicate with various groups to develop the business we run.

“How can we offer a good product or service if we don’t know how to communicate it. With good communication skills, the goods or products that we offer will become something that has a high selling value,” he said when he was one of the speakers for the live streaming of the Simac TV podcast with the theme “

2. Networking

In running a business, networking is something that must be built and maintained so that it can provide opportunities for us.

In addition to having good communication, an entrepreneur must also be able to build a wide network so that he can get many opportunities. For example, by joining a community.

In building the network, according to him, you don’t have to feel that you are much smarter than the others. In fact, it is better to have a lot of networks, the more learning, information, and advice can be obtained.

3. Teamwork

In doing business, Maya said that we cannot work alone so we need solid cooperation or team work. Having a great superteam will make us stronger.

4. Do the Best

An entrepreneur must also always do his best by giving good performance so that he can look good in the eyes of colleagues. In addition, the most important thing is to never stop learning.

Business is not trial and error, it requires focus and you have to really do your best. Whether it’s a thousand, ten million or one hundred billion, the focus must be the same. That’s called do the best. Focus and do your best.

5. Believe in God

After all the best is done then leave everything to God whatever the effort. Believe that effort will not betray the results.

When we have done our best and then failed, I never said this was a failure but instead became an experience. Failure is what keeps us going. And God will definitely give the best to us, leave everything to Him.

By pauline

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