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Copywriting Techniques for Online Businesses

By pauline Dec 12, 2020 #Business #copywriting

In the world of online business, of course, you must prioritize marketing in writing that is attractive to consumers. Why? Because you do business online, you cannot meet prospective buyers in person. Therefore, the important thing you need to do is prioritize providing explanations and providing detailed product offerings so that consumers can easily understand them.

Well, you can do copywriting for an online business by applying AIDA techniques, namely, Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Let’s look at the explanation below.


The initial stage in the AIDA technique is to apply attention to potential customers. How to? At this stage, you can use copywriting for your online business by marketing products that attract consumers’ attention. Use writing that is easy to remember, quickly understood by consumers and of course friendly. This is done, to get the attention of consumers when reading the products displayed and communicating with the seller. In using copywriting, attention to techniques is needed to increase the brand awareness of your online business. If, consumers are aware of and interested in your product, it will be easier to expand your reach.


At this stage, you need to know what interests potential customers are. What interests can attract your online business products? Is it in accordance with the consumer segmentation with the product being sold? Well, in this technique, you have to learn about the uses of your business products and how you can arouse consumer interest in product excellence. Do copywriting that displays a positive message of product excellence and what benefits consumers will experience. So you can compete with other competitors.


The thing that encourages consumers to own our products is that they can meet their needs and provide added value to the usefulness of the goods. Usually, consumers often do not know what the product is for. Therefore, by using copywriting for online business, it will be easier for consumers to get information on how the product works and what is special about the product. Adjust the language and provide solutions so that consumer desires can be achieved.


The action that needs to be done is to use copywriting with written storytelling techniques, so that it is more effective and consumers will feel more comfortable so that it is easy to follow up and make calls to action on product purchases. Like the placement of content that should not be arbitrary, adjust the placement of the content to provide a complete description. Using the call to action button through the Alvarium platform can make it easier for consumers to ask about the desired product.

Here are 4 ways of copywriting for online businesses. So, you don’t need to be confused about how to start writing for the online business you are running. Perform AIDA techniques to attract consumers and provide customer satisfaction through writing.

By pauline

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