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Elements of Advertising You Must Know for a Successful Business

By pauline Jul 25, 2021 #businesses #Food

In this new normal era, many people are starting new businesses to increase their income. There are those who trade in food, beverages, clothing, cosmetics to medical equipment or personal protection such as masks and hand sanitizers.

Of course, with this pandemic, we are not allowed to go out of the house if it is not really important. For this reason, many traders choose to sell their goods through online sites, so that their goods can be sold in the market.

Trading in the online world, definitely requires advertising, so that products are better known to the public. Advertising can also be on television or radio. However, when placing product advertisements, the elements of advertising must be considered, so that buyers are interested in the products being sold.

Let’s look at the elements of advertising that must be known, so that the merchandise is in demand and known by the public.

Product Interest

The first element when you want to advertise a product, Sahabat Fimela must determine the interest or target buyer, so that buying interest arises to buy the product, which is offered through the advertisement.

In making a promotion or advertisement, you must pay attention to interesting ideas, or create unique and distinctive advertisements, to make potential buyers interested in buying the product, and always remember about the product, through unique and distinctive advertisements. .

Build trust

The next element of advertising is to create trust between buyers and sellers. The seller can make a very attractive advertisement, by including the advantages of the product, but the results are real, not a hoax.

For example, you sell skin lightening products, create advertisements using the element of trust, by listing these products you can make your skin brighter in 14 days. Then provide photos or videos before using the product and after using the product, to give real results.

After the prospective buyer sees tangible results, he will believe in the product, then will buy the product, and if the product has tangible results, the buyer will make repeat purchases.

Product Design

If you want to advertise, Friends of Fimela have to think about the logo, product name, and also the sentence that must be advertised. So that buyers are interested in seeing the product.

The product name is used for information about the identity of the product. Then the product logo must be made according to the product being sold, or a symbol of the store name. The sentence when advertising the product must also match the product name, so that it is easily recognized by the public. Try to use clear and short sentences.

Product Price

When advertising a product, don’t forget to put the price element when advertising the product. The price is very important to be included in the ad, because buyers will be more interested when they see the price listed in the product ad.

Actually there are some tricks sellers who do not write down the price when advertising the product. The trick is done so that buyers ask directly to the seller. However, this trick can make sales more difficult to sell, because most buyers don’t want to bother asking the seller for prices.

Seller Contact

The last element of the ad is to include phone numbers, social media accounts, and also store addresses. This can make potential buyers more trust in the store.

When a buyer sees an ad and is interested in buying the product, the buyer can directly call your number, follow your social media account, or can stop by your shop directly to buy merchandise.

By pauline

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