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Heartwarming Gifts For Your Dear Ones on Different Occasions

By pauline Apr 23, 2021

Occasions and festivities become happier and memorable because of your gift-giving gesture. Your gifts bring the utmost joy to the heart of the recipient. Because of your gifts, the recipient is always reminded of the good old times over and over again. Therefore, meaningful gifts go a long way in making a lasting impression. Here are heartwarming ideas of gifts that you can extend to your dear and near ones on different occasions. Most of the listed tokens are readily available online. In case you want to send gifts in India, you can with the help of online gifting portals. Do make a note of the gifts mentioned below and keep shopping as and when an occasion arises.

  1. Choc-Flower Bouquet: A duet of chocolate and flowers to tempt the six senses. Customise the bouquet with the recipient’s favourite flowers and chocolates. Also, add to it a message card. You can give this to anyone on birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, etc. While the chocolates will be relished within minutes, the flowers can be used as a decor piece and message card as a keepsake token.
  2. PhotoFrame: A photo frame is an old gift that many swears by. To date, it is the universal gift choice for a recipient of any age or gender at any event. Frame the lovely memories and gifts so that moments can become eternal for the recipient.
  3. Wallets: A wallet is a useful accessory for both men and women. Males and females like to keep in their bags and hands a wallet with all the currency and cards. Because of its high utility purpose, it is the best choice. Look for a wallet with different pockets for cash, cards, and coins. If it can be personalized, nothing better than that.
  4. Table Lamp: Your spouse, parents, lover, siblings or any professional work a lot. Sometimes work never seems to end; they work all day and night. A table lamp would be a great choice for your dear ones. You can personalize it to distinguish it from the regular lamps. Acrylic lamps are quite popular. Long-distance touch lamps are an excellent choice for someone who lives far away from you but in your heart.
  5. Desk Plants: Desk plants are a great way to bring nature indoors and to increase productivity, boost morale, and calm the nerves. A few ideal desk companions for your working professional friends and colleagues would be a spider plant, snake plant, ZZ plant, Bamboo plant, Ferns, etc.
  6. Travel Accessories: Traveling is fun. To make travel organized and free from hiccups, it is imperative that travellers must have some essential travel accessories. You can always gift travel accessories like a toiletry bag, sipper, backpack, camping hammock, passport holder and luggage tag combo, and many such useful accessories.
  7. Perfumes: Many people prefer perfumes over deodorants because the former provides fragrance to the whole body. You must have noticed people having an eclectic collection of perfumes. As per the gender and fragrance they like (if you know the choice), you can gift a perfume to male or female recipients.
  8. Jewellery: For females, jewellery is always a good gifting choice. For males, if the receiver likes it, you can consider it. Within this gift category, you can give bracelet, earrings, necklaces, chains, and pendant. Choose gold, silver, platinum, diamond or any other as per your budget.
  9. Decanter Set: If he or she likes whiskey, a decanter set will be much appreciated by the receiver. Couple a decanter set with a set of shot glasses to help the receiver celebrate every moment of life.
  10. God Idols: You can present god idols as a symbol of positivity, good wishes, and blessings. If you know which God the receiver worship, then you can go with it. Otherwise, you give Ganesha Idol as he is known as the harbinger of new beginnings or Lakshmi Maa for wealth and fortune. Lord Krishna idol, Buddha idol can also be gifted.
  11. Edible Basket: Include all edible munchings in a basket to delight the receiver. You can add packets of chips, chocolate bars, bottles of juices, and other snacking items. Take into account the receiver likes and dislikes, if possible.
  12. Soft Toys : Girls love soft toys. Not only teddy bears, but many plush and squishy toys like unicorns, ducks, magical sequin cushions are also available at stores. Some of these also double up as pillows.
  13. Combos: You can make gift combos by combining two or more complimentary gifts. For instance, you can couple a cake with plant or any edible gift with a home decor item. Different kinds of chocolates can be combined together
  14. Cake: When nothing comes to your mind, you go with a cake. The cake fits all the occasions perfectly. Hence the sweetest gift ever.

That’s all, folks! We will be back with more great gift ideas for you and your dear ones. Till then, keep shopping.

By pauline

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