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Business Ideas That Can Be Executed when New Normal

By pauline Apr 18, 2021

With the pandemic, the country’s economy has declined, and it has a very strong impact on society. But there is no need to worry, there are a number of business ideas that can be implemented during the new normal, so that the economy does not decline.

New normal is a new life, created by the government in the midst of a pandemic, by adhering to existing health protocols. Here are some business ideas that can be pursued during the new normal era.

Medical Device Business

In the new normal era, the government requires everyone to wear a mask when traveling, and diligently clean their hands. If you have sufficient capital, Sahabat Fimela can become a distributor and open a business in the health sector.

For example, selling cloth masks, hand sanitizers, hand washing soap and dry and wet wipes. But if you don’t have enough capital, you can do this business idea by becoming a second-hand seller of health shops, or what is usually called an online store reseller.

Selling these health goods, can be sold in general without a doctor’s prescription, because many people are in need of these items.

Online Services

A business idea that can be done during a new normal, Sahabat Fimela can use social media to sell online services. Online services that can be done are becoming a blogger, vlogger, or celebgram who can help promote umkm businesses on social media.

Friends of Fimela can offer these services, to be a medium for advertising a product or umkm, if they have a large following on social media.

In addition, online services can also be done by becoming an online teacher, photo or video editing services and so on that can be done online.

Service entrusted

During the new normal, some shopping places apply health protocols, so that too many people don’t come to the shopping places. Because not many people go to shopping, you can run a business, with the concept of entrusted services such as online couriers.

This business is carried out by the seller offering goods that are sold in stores to buyers, through online media, then the buyer entrusts them to spend the goods.

Friends of fimela can get money from entrusted services, to spend goods that buyers need, in shops that buyers want.

Sell food

If you have cooking skills, Sahabat Fimela can sell food, to be used as a business when new to normal. Because in this new normal era, many restaurants or places to eat are closed, so the food business with the made by order system can be a good business idea in this era.

This business only needs expertise to force, capital to buy foodstuffs, social media to advertise this business and vehicles to deliver food to consumers.

Pandemic is not an obstacle to earning income. Hopefully this information is useful.

By pauline

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