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Pay attention to these trends when creating promotional content for businesses on social media

By pauline Apr 25, 2021

In the midst of the new normal, business owners are constantly trying to come up with new and innovative ways to engage their customers via social media as physical interactions are very limited in the current situation. Two of the most popular social media platforms in this decade, Facebook and Instagram have proven themselves to be effective channels to win over subscribers, especially if content is promoted through the ds advertising features on the platforms.

WeAreSocial and GlobalWebIndex also report that 34 percent of Internet users aged 16-64 in Indonesia say they can be exposed to brands from advertising on social media, while another 32 percent claim that recommendations or comments on social media also encourage their desire to know more about the brand. or a particular business.

Start Creating Shoppable Content

Have you ever come across a post that shows the price of a product once it is clicked? If so, then you know what Shoppable Post is. Purchasable posts let customers know prices (and discounts) without being redirected to another site or catalog. This Instagram feature is very popular with businesses and brands because it can increase audience purchase intentions and facilitate the transaction process.

“Although interesting, this feature is still limited to major brands that have been verified by Instagram, so make sure you have built enough followers that match your brand positioning before choosing this type of post.

Communicate Your Business’s Latest Initiatives to Spread Positive Vibes

Businesses that carry out social responsibility activities to tackle humanitarian issues, sustainability, including the COVID-19 pandemic will be more accepted by the market and are a good step for small businesses that are trying to gain consumer trust and build a good image. Sharing your good initiatives on social media will not only ensure consumer loyalty but also be very engaging content. In addition, a social mission can be a good reason for stakeholders to invest in your company. That the brand or business has to find the right issue and ensure that the initiative is relevant to the current market situation so that the effort will appear genuine.

Turn to Micro-Influencers and Build User-Generated Content

Most business owners agree that influencers have a big impact on their sales. However, influencers who have a large following also cost a lot of money, including sending free product samples and fees for content creation. However, this is a challenge for businesses with limited marketing budgets, especially for micro, small and medium enterprises.

Instead of competing with big brands to use top influencers, you have another option, which is to create content with micro-influencers and leverage your current customers to review your products that are more honest and natural. “

Even though they are not rich in followers, they have better engagement and target audience. Adweek also released a study that micro-influencers have 60% better engagement rates when compared to top influencers. This way, you can invest in better returns and allocate the rest of your budget for other marketing activities.

Build Engagement Through the Stories Feature

Did you know that most Instagram users are 18-35 years old? This means that they are from the Millennial and Gen Z generations. Apart from having a shorter attention span – which only lasts no more than 8 seconds – this generation is also more curious and likes storytelling content. This explains why Instagram and Facebook Stories features are so popular and in demand today than feeds because they feel more real and honest. So, don’t be surprised if the engagement performance on your feed has decreased lately.

The Stories algorithm is disrupting the existing platform – not only for you to place more ads, but also because your audience prefers the format of the story.

For this reason, placing your ad in ‘Stories’ is definitely a great way to reach your audience.

Instagram filters

Who would have thought that Instagram filters would be so popular these days? Your brand can easily get noticed by simply creating a new filter that goes viral. But there are conditions for creating an eye-catching filter. First, the filter must be unique and interesting.

If you want to create your own Instagram filter, keep it in sync with current trends to increase relevance to your audience’s current situation or condition.

If you want to try and create selfie filters, try using the SparkAR software and check out the tutorials available on YouTube. For brands and businesses looking to create the above content, Zilingo Marketing Services provides integrated business solutions that will guide marketers to build a better overall marketing strategy that can be customized based on marketers’ needs. This includes social media content development and management, and digital marketing services.

By pauline

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