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Here’s How to Start a Culinary Business Today

By pauline Nov 7, 2021

The all you can eat (AYCE) food business is becoming more and more popular along with the increasing popularity of Korean dramas. The culture of cooking meat directly on the spot with various choices of side dishes like in Korean dramas has made AYCE restaurants increasingly mushrooming in many places.

If previously AYCE restaurants were only in big malls or in elite locations with expensive prices, now you can find AYCE in many places at very affordable prices, sometimes even with better taste.

Not only that, the choices of types of food that are used as the main menu of AYCE are also increasingly diverse. If previously it was just a buffet, grill and shabu-shabu, now AYCE’s menu is increasingly diverse, such as AYCE sushi, ramen, ice cream, yogurt and many more.

Tips for Starting an AYCE Culinary Business the Right Way

So how about it, are you interested in tasting AYCE’s culinary business? If so, before starting, read these tips first so that AYCE’s business will be more successful and smooth:

Find a Strategic Location

Whatever the business, location is one of the biggest determinants of the success of a business, including this AYCE business. For AYCE business, try to do the best by looking for a location that is really on the side of the road.

Make sure the location is close to the office or campus area. Or it could be an area that is often visited to hang out or which is already known as a place for culinary tourism.

Choose the Right AYCE Menu with Vibe from the Preferred Location

If the location already has many fast food restaurants or other AYCE restaurants. You can still carry the AYCE business concept but with a different menu. For example, if there are already many fast food restaurants with heavy food categories, you can choose the AYCE menu for desserts such as AYCE ice cream or yogurt, it can also be mini cakes or local snacks.

In addition, you can also determine the AYCE menu based on the pre-existing AYCE restaurant in the location where you will open your business. If the AYCE restaurant has a meat menu, you can choose the AYCE sushi or ramen menu.

Offers Various Attractive Price Packages

One of the interesting things that can attract many customers is the variety of attractive package options. For example, the price package is only for AYCE grill or shabu-shabu or both. Now, to make it even more diverse, you can add a food price package for non-AYCE for people who don’t enjoy the concept of eating AYCE which is limited by time but can still feel the atmosphere.

For example, a grill and shabu package for 1-2 people or 3-4 people where you offer how much and what kind of meat for the package along with the toppings and drinks. With this, customers become more comfortable in choosing what type of food package is suitable for them.

Choose an Attractive Side Dish Menu

The main interest of the AYCE restaurant is not only the main menu. But also the diversity of the accompanying menu or side dish that is owned.

Usually for AYCE restaurants with the concept of grill and shabu besides having various types of meat, they also have several side dishes such as rice, fish balls, shrimp balls, crab sticks, noodles, various kinds of vegetables, fried foods to kimchi.

You can follow it or add several other variants such as fried chicken skin, chicken karage, sushi, local snacks, tteoppokki, odeng, ice cream, pudding, panacota or fruits.

Put a Price That Has Been Used A Lot

General prices that are commonly used, but please note that these prices are not necessarily used by every existing AYCE restaurant. Because it needs to be readjusted with taxes, target consumers and locations. So the price can be more expensive or cheaper if there are certain promos.

So choose a price that matches the quality of the dish, service, location and facilities that the restaurant offers at your restaurant later.

Choose the Right Meal Time Limit

Time limit is the most important element in Ayce’s culinary business concept. Because the right time limit is the key to good or bad profits that you can get. In general, Ayce restaurants will apply a time limit ranging from 90-120 minutes. But there are also up to 2-3 hours.

This depends on the price and location as well as the type of AYCE. Buffets and sushi are usually Ayce types which provide a fairly long time span for eating. Meanwhile, grill and shabu are usually the shortest from 60 minutes to a maximum of 120 minutes.

Prepare Take Away, Delivery and Ready to Cook Menu Packages

Starting a business means being prepared for various changes and having the courage to adapt to various changes and trends. For example, in a pandemic season like this, people choose more food menus that can be eaten at home.

Based on this situation, it means that you must be able to prepare a strategy to overcome it so that the business can continue to run smoothly, one of which is by innovating with the food menu. If you previously only provided ayce menu, try to make a menu for take away, delivery and even frozen to be cooked by customers at home.

Place the Cheapest Menu on the Front Display

One of the tricks Ayce’s business can reap is how to make customers eat as many side dishes as possible before asking for the main menu continuously for the given time limit.

For example, if you open an AYCE grill and shabu business before removing the meat and heating the grill, usually the customer will take several side dishes to wait until the cooking utensils are ready and the meat has been removed.

Now, because the side dish is usually the cheapest menu, try to place the side dish in a position that is easiest for customers to see so that it is easier to reach and pick up. By taking more side dishes or toppings than meat, you can benefit because cheaper menus are consumed more.

By pauline

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