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How to Form a Good Work Team in the Company

By pauline Sep 19, 2020

The company is a work system that is driven by each part, so that it can achieve the predetermined targets. To achieve the target in accordance with the specified time, it is necessary to have several working teams that are synchronous and synergistic. So that the company’s movement becomes effective and efficient, both in terms of time, resources, and various other factors.

The existence of an absolute work team in one company. Every job has to be done on time, which is very difficult if done by just one person. Even though in practice the work carried out is individually, these individuals are in a small group to produce the output that is their job.

To form an effective work team, strong chemistry is needed for each member. Then, how do you create strong chemistry and make a united team? The following will be presented briefly so that you can understand it further.

One Thought

Even though each team is composed of various types of individuals and with various traits and backgrounds, when it has been formed into a working team, everyone can run with the same common thread as reference. This common thread is the company’s vision and mission. As a point that each member must aim at.

The team also needs to carry out a predetermined and agreed process so that the work rhythm with other teams can be in harmony. When the rhythm of work that has been carried out has been obtained, then the matter of team cohesiveness from each unit may only be a matter of time to form and become solid.

Trust and Responsibility

Mutual trust in team members is the key to a solid work team in each unit. When one person gets a task, it is better if other people on the team really entrust the task to him, so that that person can feel more confident and more focused. Trust must also be supported by a sense of responsibility. If on the one hand the team members already trust each other, then on the other hand each team member must also be responsible for the work entrusted to him. When work can be done properly as a form of responsibility, then trust will pay off, and a solid team will be formed.


Professionalism then becomes an absolute requirement for effective and efficient team performance. Each member must be able to put aside all personal problems and focus on the task at hand. So that objectively, the work assigned can be done well and according to standards. The same applies when team members have personal problems. This problem, if it has nothing to do with work, must be put aside for the sake of waiting work. Of course, you don’t pay employees to fight but to work, don’t you?


Each work team has its own portion of the project. After being implemented and finished, periodically it is necessary to evaluate the project that has been carried out. In this way it will appear, about what has been implemented properly and can be improved, as well as what is lacking and can be improved.

The evaluation moment is an important moment because this way each team member can find out the extent of the results of the work done against the company’s targets. Maybe you can provide extras such as reprimands and appreciation to appropriate employees.

By pauline

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