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Instagram Tools That Support Growing Businesses

By pauline Sep 12, 2020

Instagram is no longer limited to social media for posting photos or videos only. Now Instagram is widely used for business purposes, namely marketing to increase sales figures. And so far, the results are quite satisfactory, many businesses are growing. This is the reason why Instagram developers continue to strive to develop applications, so that application performance is maximized. Now, Instagram already has interesting tools to accelerate the pace of business development.


VSCO is the most popular Instagram tool, including in the business world. This application is useful for editing all your photos in no time, such as cropping, fixing textures, adjusting lighting, to adding filters. With complete editing features, the quality of the edited photos is satisfying. Please note, not all of the effect features are provided for free in this photo editing application. If you want to get a complete feature of the effect, you need to buy this application for 19.99 dollars per year.

2. Afterlight

Want to edit photos with various templates? This application is the most reliable, moreover you can add your own templates and use them anytime for business purposes. Yes, Afterlight makes photo editing more fun. This application provides a free trial for 7 days to all users. If the application is deemed suitable, you will have to pay $ 2.99 per month to continue using the application. This afterlight is not only available on iOs, but Android users can also use it.


Knowing who follows, unfollows, or blocks your Instagram account is not a difficult job. This Instagram tool is ready to help you monitor the number of followers instantly. If followers are reduced, that means they are less interested in the content that is shared. You can make this an ingredient for cleaning up to increase your followers in the future.

4. Unfold

The increasing number of engagements on Instagram cannot be separated from the quality of the content shared on the business account feed. And to improve the quality, you can use Unfold’s tools to edit photos or videos like professionals. There is a price, there is quality. To add various features to Unfold, such as frames, you will have to pay around $ 1.99. But if you calculate it, this cost is still affordable in the pocket.

5. Linktree

Linktree is a free tool that makes it easy for you to direct followers to other sites or websites outside of Instagram, without having to leave the Instagram application. You can display multiple sites at once so followers can easily access shared content. This application is proven to maximize the performance of a business. It’s no wonder that many business people, bloggers, and content creators are turning to this tool.

6. Power Director

Not photos, the Power Director application is here to facilitate the video editing process on your business IG Story. There are various editing features, adding back sound, and video ratio control to get quality videos. If one day you want to introduce a new product to consumers, you can use this application freely without having to pay anything.

7. Social Insight

This tool makes it easy to analyze the Instagram application account as a whole, such as the number of followers, likes, and comments. In addition, Social Insight will provide an overview of the activity of all content that has been previously posted. So, you can find out at what time content gets the most response from followers. This can be used as a reference for posting content in the future to increase engagement.

8. Later

Later comes with quite a variety of features. Starting from arranging the scheduling of content posts, doing the most hashtag research, reposting, to reviewing content before uploading it to Instagram. With a variety of features, you can maximize the performance of your business account. Unfortunately, regular or free accounts can only schedule a limited number of content posts. For free scheduling, you’ll need to switch to a premium account which costs $ 9 per month.

9. Foursixty

Want to sell products on Instagram? Just use this tool. With Foursixty, you can embed links from various products contained in content. This link can be clicked, and will immediately bring consumers or followers to the desired product. Interestingly, consumers don’t need to leave the Instagram application if they want to buy a product. Because consumers can checkout directly from the link they click.

By pauline

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