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Online reputation management – TOP-5 companies

By pauline Dec 16, 2022

Reputation Management (RM, Reputation Management) is the definition of factors that form reputation and influence them to create a positive image of a company, brand, product or person in the target audience. 


The high degree of penetration of the Internet and the trust of information from the network has made ORM – online reputation management – an integral part of the marketing strategy of many successful organizations. The reputation of a brand or product, person or company today is formed through online media, sites with reviews, posts on social networks and blogs, YouTube broadcasts, social networks, marketplaces, maps and recommendation services. 


Separately, we note that 96% of the audience uses Google to search for new information, so the results of search engines have a key influence on the reputation of an organization. Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) is an important part of ORM.

Now your attention will be given to the TOP-5 reputation management companies.

Defamation Defenders


The first place in our rating is honorably occupied by Defamation Defenders. By becoming their customer, you will definitely say goodbye once and for all to the negative content that may have ruined your brand’s online reputation for years. The Defamation Defenders online service provides both large businesses and individuals with reputation-damaging material protection services. This company specializes in a variety of online reputation management solutions (removal of negative information can be reproduced both in legal and technical form). In addition, Defamation Defenders uses the technique of reverse SEO, which includes effective Google suppression services. 


Gadook is a company that also specializes in reputation management and marketing. The main office is located in Florida. The company’s activities are focused on SEO for brand reputation. This company boasts a truly high-quality product – customers are guaranteed a strong brand strategy that will contribute to an excellent reputation on the Internet processors. It is worth noting that Gadook uses the “white hat” technique to maximize the optimization and at the same time protect the brand reputation of its customers. 


Webimax is a reputation marketing company whose hallmark is a complete focus on quality results. And it is not just words. This is confirmed by the highest customer retention rate, which in 2022 reached 97%. If you are building your own brand from scratch, it is Webimax that will really help you to have a good online presence. By the way, more than 1000 media are partners of Webimax. Thus, the company’s customers are provided with coverage of a really wide audience. 


The fourth place in our rating is taken by NetReputation. These professionals offer their clients a step-by-step solution for online reputation management. This ensures that a focused and effective brand strategy is developed. The development process begins with thorough research, the result of which is an assessment of positive and negative reputations. In the long run, this will help your company target potential customers in both local and international markets.


We also couldn’t help mentioning Podium. Podium is a one-stop shop where you can manage your brand reputation yourself. This startup is from Utah and is quite new. The platform is a multifunctional set of tools (payment, communications management, and so on). Podium provides you with a fairly simple yet effective way to communicate with your target audience. You are guaranteed to increase your sales.


Outcome In general, what problems does online reputation management service solve?

  • removal of negative information and replacement of positive; leveling the consequences of negative events; 

  • reputation for customers and partners; positioning for employees and in the labor market. increasing sales and awareness; 

  • informing about the company’s products and events in a positive way; 

  • monitoring customer opinions, 

  • identifying strengths and weaknesses in oneself and competitors; 

  • countering black PR, haters, competitors attacks.


By pauline

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