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Tips for Optimizing Restaurant Business Opportunities in the Middle of Covid-19

By pauline Aug 27, 2020 #Covid-19 #Delivery #Healthy

Even though the Covid-19 pandemic has made many types of businesses lose a lot of turnover, that doesn’t mean restaurant businesses have to experience the same thing. The restaurant business can actually optimize business opportunities in times of crisis like this, because many people rely on restaurants for their daily eating needs. Here are five ways restaurant business owners can optimize their business opportunities in the midst of Covid-19.

1. Improve the Quality of Your Take Away and Delivery

Now it’s time for restaurant owners to focus on takeaway and delivery services. You can still improve the customer experience through your takeaway and delivery orders. First,  food presentation needs to be improved, because this will make a good impression on customers. You can also take advantage of this good serving of food for photo competitions on Instagram, for example.

Second, you can show your customers you care by giving them a greeting card or writing on the packaging of their order. A thank you to your customers for their loyalty to your restaurant in this difficult situation or a note reminding them to wash their hands before enjoying the meal ordered will give your customer a special memory.

2. Add Healthy Menu Variants

To show your restaurant’s concern for health, consider adding a new, healthier menu variant. In the midst of Covid-19, public awareness of healthy food is increasing. So, why not take advantage of this situation? It can also help you increase your business opportunities by bringing in new customers, for example, those who enjoy a healthy lifestyle or are on a diet.

3. Manage Employee Shifts Effectively

If you have to keep your restaurant outlets open in pursuit of business opportunities, it is important for you to implement a shift schedule. This may require you to increase the number of employees, because the turnover time is more frequent and employee hours are reduced, but this is a consequence that must be lived.

Managing employee shift schedules can be a hassle when done manually using paper. To make it easier for you to organize and monitor employee working hours, as well as calculate salary based on hours, use an appropriate timesheet management system.

4. Optimize Food Stock Management

Food stock is the most important element in managing a restaurant business. You certainly don’t want to lose your business opportunity just because you run out of groceries at your restaurant outlet. Conversely, you definitely also don’t want to experience waste due to storing too much stock.

5. Focus on Digital Marketing

The physical distancing period like now is the right moment for you to take advantage of digital marketing. People spend more time at home relying on the internet. So, posting your ad on social media and sending out marketing emails is a great way to optimize your restaurant business opportunity.

Create interesting content regularly on Instagram. You can post free and paid ads, but paying for your ad posts will certainly get them more exposure.

By pauline

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