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Why A Traditional Website Might Not Be Best For Your Business In 2021

By pauline Jun 19, 2021

The world of marketing might have looked very different when you first started your business. Twenty years ago, maybe a firm handshake, a sleek business card, a regularly updated newsletter, and a billboard or a TV commercial might have been enough to advertise your business.

But since its birth, in 1983, the internet changed the world of marketing. Now, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and TikTok, among others, have emerged. Contrary to popular belief, just having a profile on these platforms isn’t enough to grow your business. You need to know how to reach your target market and convert it into leads and buyers. And on top of that, you probably also have your own business website, which anyone can access, but should also directly communicate to the people whose business you want.

Having said that, which of these marketing strategies work best in 2021? Is your business website really doing the marketing you need it to? If you’re paying to drive traffic to your website, are you seeing any returns on that?

These are important questions to ask in order to evaluate the effectiveness of your current online marketing strategy. Do you feel like you’re getting the most out of your online marketing budget? If not, this article might help you get your business back on track.

What the Traditional Website Is Doing Wrong Pexels

You might have invested a lot of time and money into building your website. There’s no doubt that having a website is important. But instead of thinking of your website as your main online business presence and market, you might want to think of it more as an online brochure.

On your website, visitors could read a blog, learn about the history of your business, watch videos, go through your products, or take in whatever other content you put up there. They might buy something, or they might get distracted reading about your shipping policy and never click “add to cart.”

With so many options to do something online, people can also just do nothing.

If you don’t pay to drive traffic to your website through advertising, having a few random visitors to your website who don’t convert into sales might not be a big deal. But if you’re spending money on ads and your web traffic isn’t converting into business transactions, you might be losing money.

That’s why ClickFunnels wants to help you build a different kind of website for your business. It’s called a Sales Funnel, and this is how it might work for you.

How a Sales Funnel Could Help Your Business

While your website is similar to a brochure or business card, a Sales Funnel is more akin to having your top-performing salesperson walking a potential customer through to the finish line.

A Sales Funnel is a series of web pages designed to lead each visitor to take a certain action. For example, you might have a Sales Funnel dedicated to lead generation, and therefore it will be designed to capture a visitor’s personal information, such as e-mail addresses and names, even if they don’t buy anything. That way, you’ll still be able to follow up with these prospective clients and potentially turn them into loyal customers.

You could build Sales Funnels with different goals and objectives. So in addition to your Sales Funnel dedicated to lead generation, you could have one more that focuses on getting individuals signed up for an upcoming live event or webinar and another one that is dedicated to product sales.

The best part? You don’t have to be a tech savant in order to build an effective Sales Funnel. ClickFunnels is designed to help entrepreneurs without coding or tech expertise build better marketing tools. In fact, with the help of ClickFunnels, all it takes is a few simple steps.

The Simple Steps You Could Take to Build a Sales Funnel ClickFunnels

You don’t need extensive code experience or pockets full of cash in order to build an effective Sales Funnel with ClickFunnels. All it takes is a few clicks and you could be converting web traffic into successful business interactions.

1. Sign Up for ClickFunnels

All you have to do is click here to get started on your free 14-day trial with ClickFunnels. It provides you with the tools to start building high-converting Sales Funnels, including easy-to-use templates, sales copy recommendations, drag-and-drop web page builders, and much more. If you aren’t satisfied, you can cancel your trial at any time.

2. Figure Out Your Main Goal

The next step is to determine what you want these Sales Funnels to accomplish. Are you looking to grow your contact list? Check out these free, prebuilt templates created for you. They’re designed to capture visitors’ contact information so you can generate leads and guide them to a sale. Do you want to increase the average order value of products (i.E., get people to buy more with each sale)?

Check out these free Product Launch Funnels and Tripwire Funnels that could help you sell more products and increase the value of each order. Are you hosting an online webinar or event with the purpose of generating leads or making sales? Then these free and professionally designed Webinar Funnels might interest you.

3. Start Building Your Sales Funnel

We already mentioned that ClickFunnels has easy-to-use tools to help you build your Sales Funnels without any previous tech or website building experience. This is your chance to test them out. Their simple templates provide flow and guidance, while the drag-and-drop editor allows you to customize any part of the page. You could add videos, images, and sales copy to make it reflect your unique business. Do you need help writing copy but don’t want to hire an expensive copywriting expert? Check out this free training from ClickFunnels. Want to see an example of an effective Sales Funnel? Just check out the homepage for ClickFunnels by clicking here to see these tools in practice.

With these three easy steps, you could build your own effective Sales Funnel for lead generation, product sales, webinar sign-ups, and more. After your trial ends, you could continue with a ClickFunnels subscription worth $97 per month or $297 per month, depending on your business needs

Ready to see how Sales Funnels could help your business in 2021? Click here to get started on your 14-day free trial.

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