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By pauline Oct 25, 2020

There are several ways to get more of your web traffic. One way is to increase your web ranking in search engines, whether on google, yahoo, or Bing. If your website is already in a good position on search engines. Don’t forget to optimize your Meta Description. Why should you optimize the Meta Description? doesn’t it really matter now? Maybe some people think Meta Description is not important anymore. But in my opinion, Meta Description is one of the important factors to attract people to want to enter our website.

When people search for info on search engines, they are sure to visit the web that is at the top, and of course, which has an interesting description. Because the web description is interesting, it will logically trigger people to enter our website. Like the science in AdWords, the more unique the Ad text, the more people are interested in clicking on the ad. I think this also applies to SEO, the more attractive the Meta Description is, the more it will trigger people to visit our website.

Here are some strategies for writing Meta Description to increase your CTR:

Mimicking AdWords Ad Descriptions

There is nothing wrong with making a Meta Description similar to AdWord ads. Because this will make people more interested in visiting our website. We apply the AdWords knowledge here. Of course there is no limit to the use of characters here. Unlike in AdWords where the use of characters is limited.

Viewing Competitor Meta Description

Not entirely to copy the Meta Description from competitors, but as inspiration in writing the meta description. Look for Competitors who have an interesting Meta Description, maybe we can apply some of them in writing Meta Description, but don’t really write the exact same as our competitors.

Using Symbols and Numbers

Using symbols and numbers in writing a meta description, serves to attract visions from visitors. Because symbols and numbers attract more attention than just words. Symbols and Numbers psychologically attract visitors. For example: Get 50% discount this month, limited promo. Symbol% ​​is an example that I emphasize here.

Use capital letters

Using capital letters will also attract the attention of visitors. For example: Get DISCOUNTS and GIFTS for this month. This kind of description attracts more visitors, rather than lowercase letters. So it can look different compared to competitors.

Using keywords

Don’t forget to enter one of your keywords in the Meta Description body. But entering keywords in the Meta Description should not be repeated. Based on observations, many people think that entering a lot of keywords in the meta description will increase ranking. However, even entering a lot of keywords is not good in Google’s eyes.

From all the tips above, you can combine them, so that you have a unique Meta Description, to attract more visitors and increase your web traffic.

By pauline

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